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Most painful place you've ever been hit?

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Either you are really good or the ultimate chairsofter


I've played two games in my whole life and nobody ever shot at me.


The games ended before I could hit anyone. My hop up didn't even have the nub in, so there wasn't any chance for me to hit people in those two.

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Hit right in the throat from about 15 feet with my 450 FPS M27 (I had let a friend on the other team borrow it for a match). He managed to get me RIGHT ABOVE my shemagh. I had his UTG tri-shot shotgun and I though I hit him when I had hit the rocks right in front of him and blinded him with the dust. He was screaming, so I thought I got him and lowered my gun. Then he popped up and fired one shot that got me right on the neck. That was followed by a few angry shouts from me.

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