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Chinese loadout help

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I would like to do an early modern chinese loadout based on Chinese warlord and 1911 Xinhai revolution troops but I don't know where to find the uniforms for it. It is literally impossible to find the hat too. Not even eBay or etsy sells them. Most early Chinese troops wore a peaked cap, a standup collar or rise and fall collar, trousers, gaiters/puttees, and some form of shoes. They also carried a canvas bandolier to keep ammo in. But there are no sites that sell reproductions of them at all. All except for a pair of cotton Chinese shoes that I have. The weapons are self explanatory. Any wooden mauser-based rifle or lee Enfield or a thompson smg and any ww2 era pistol of your pickings.

These are some pictures I would like to base my uniform off of.






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Wow. That's going to be impressive when you're done. I've been interested in historical reenactment since I was a little kid, so this kind of thing is right up my alley.


This may be obscure enough that you will have to find some patterns and fabric and make it yourself. If you're not a tailor, then finding a good one will be crucial. It may be possible to find another pattern from another era or uniform and make the needed changes, if you cannot find the exact pattern. A tailor can help you figure these things out.


It will be much easier to buy pre-made, but sometimes it's just not possible. If your Google-fu is failing you, it may simply not be available. Do keep looking around, though, tweaking your search terms and digging deep into the results.


Good luck!

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