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Stragglers Looking For Other Stragglers Near Moorhead

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If anyone here has a place within 2 hours of F/M area where you play, even if just skirmishes every once in while, please contact me ASAP! :a-thumbsup:


My husband and I moved here from Ohio over a year ago where we used to play often(my husband is a lot more serious about it, him and his best friend created an airsoft course in our woods) but so far the closest places we have found here are in Minneapolis and St. Cloud. We can do St. Cloud occasionally, but it would be nice if we found people closer to group up. I don't care if there's only one or two of you, contact me, then we can find one or two over here and then one or two over there and so on. My husband and I could enjoy ourselves with just a 4v4 back in Ohio, so we don't mind small groups, though our usual was approximately 10v10.


We're probably going to advertise in the newspaper and who knows where else also. :a-grin:


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