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It Finally Happened to Me.....

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It Finally Happened to Me......

My First Nightmare Customer as a Professional Airsoft Tech.


This was posted on a another forum by my most recent customer.

If you would like the Link to the Thread, PM me and I will send it to you.

If a Mod will grant permission for me to post the link here, I will do so.


My initial response then follows.

As explained in my reply, there will be more to come on my end later when I have more time to write it.


I have been a faithful KWA owner for 5 years since I started playing airsoft. I own two m4a1, two commandos, one sr12, one sr10, one mod1 and two atp. For years I have used the same tech to repair and upgrade my guns, who frequently makes posts on this forum. I never had a problem with any of his upgrades or repairs. My guns had always performed flawlessly. Recently, because this tech had gotten extremely busy with several businesses I decided to use Vanevery to work on and upgrade my guns. Vanevery makes a lot of posts on this as well as other forums talking about modifications and methods. I am not going to bore you with all the back and forth I have had regarding this, but more or less get to the bottom line. These are facts and truths. The first gun he worked on was my sr12 that had been upgraded previously. After the Vanevery upgrade, the first time I fired it, is was misfiring every 5th shot or so. He corrected this. The next time I used it in a game it stopped firing due to a blown mosfet, he fixed it. The very next time I played with it in a game it stopped working because of a blown mosfet. The next time I played with it it blew a piston with less than 2000 rounds fired on that piston. After I cancelled our business, it was returned with a new piston, however it now has a terrible power burst in the semi mode and greatly misfires. I will admit that the gun shot great when it was working, not so much now. During these issues with the sr12 I had my primary m4 a1 carbine go down because I put in a zci motor. This gun was shooting 23 rps with a 370 fps using .28 bbs. I sent it to Vanevery for a upgrade and when I received it back the first time I fired maybe 15 shots and it stopped. He fixed it and sent me a pic of a burnt wire. He also pre warned me that now it was only shooting 16 rps and it shot 370 with .28 bbs, NOT a upgrade from the performance prior. When I received it after I had concluded our business it sounded terrible, shot 16 rps. I sent it to a reputable tech for review and he could only describe the work to my gun as a "hack job". In a nutshell this tech said I would be better off buying a new gun rather than repairing this one after the Vanevery work. My primary was ruined! I then gave Vanevery my SR 10, second m4a1 and my mod 1 for upgrade. I received these guns back on a Thursday before we had a big Op at Ballahack. When testing the guns the second carbine misfired so I did not take it to Ballahack. In the Op my Sr10 went down due to the motor. I was told by Vanevery that he put brand new motors in all of these guns, this was total bs, the battery went south on the first Op and three techs since then confirmed it was not new. my sons Mod1 also went down as well so both of us were forced to use our pistols on a OP I paid 100 bucks for. This was the last straw! I asked for my money back of course and he responded saying there were "no refunds", how convenient. You may be asking, Why did you keep giving him your guns if you were not satisfied with the work? All of this was overlapping and I believed he would make it right with his so called warranty. With EVERY single gun I gave him going down or not working properly the very next time I used it, something had to be wrong so I concluded our business relationship. What good is a warranty if every time you drive your car off the lot you have to take it back, at some point you have to say ENOUGH. Vanevery took 1150$ UP FRONT for this and I have asked for a portion of this back to no avail. Please be diligent in your review of techs and don't rely on on pretty long 5 page posts to make your decision.

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My initial reply:


I will respond to this.

I am very busy with work this week, so it may be a few days before I have a chance to respond.

I will make a few points, now.


I have worked on airsoft guns for five years.

I have done this professionally for two years.

In the two years that I have done this professionally, I have never had so much as one customer ever request Warranty Service or ever make a complaint about my work.

I go out of my way to:

- Build the best performing airsoft guns.

- Build the most durable airsoft guns.

- Take care of my customers with clear and prompt communication, extended warranties and freebies.

- I take pride in my work and offer the best Customer Service in the business.

Dru is my first and only Nightmare Customer to date.


The first gun I was initially contracted for was the SR12.

I will mainly discuss this gun in this post for I believe this stated experience will allow any reasonable person to connect the dots as to how the other gun projects went and dealing with Dru.

Dru paid me $175.00 for:

- Fully Tuned Gun

- All Parts included

- Extended Warranty on all Parts and Labor.

(Initial extension was 90 days I think. As more guns were added, I gave Dru a six month Warranty on all Guns, including the SR12. This Warranty covered all parts and labor).

- I always throw in extras for first time customers.

In this case Dru received:

1. One Brand new Bag of GoldenBall .30's.

2. One Brand New Bag of WE .36's.

3. Two 11.1v/3000mah /15C Li-po Batteries.

4. Li-po Safe Bag.

($100.00 value just in extras).


The performance of this gun was unbelievable.

My best tech work of any DMR I have ever built for a customer.

The Gun would shoot and light up a target effortlessly at 400' and had a range of over 450'.

This with a 509mm barrel no less to start, and then I installed a 455mm with even better results.

Dru endlessly complimented me on the performance of this gun and as a result, for over two months and in every communication we had, Dru either directly asked, suggested, or referenced that I needed to work on all of his guns.

I was very busy with work and continuously declined to do so, but at some point I decided it might be a fun project, so I accepted the job.

Not only that, I offered Dru a financial bargain deal.

I offered that if Dru would pay the complete price for the Tech work of three guns up front, I would do the fourth one for FREE.

Dru accepted this deal.



I put 2000 rounds through this gun in testing before putting it back in Dru's hands to ensure everything in the gun was working properly.

I told him "go talk some trash to some Polar Star Owners for there is no way they will out shoot you".

Dru texted me within 24hrs stating there was a problem with the gun.

He stated it was not feeding correctly.

I told him I would drive to his local field that weekend, shoot the gun in front of him, and if there was any problem, I would fix it on the spot or install a new Barrel Group

(Complete Inner Barrel/Hop-up assembly) right there.

Knowing there was no problem with the gun, I made the drive and brought four different Barrel Groups with me just in case.


So, I get to his local field, we find an area of the field to test at, and I shoot his gun.

I used my own KWA magazines to start, thinking it may be possible one of his magazines may have a problem.

Mag One: KWA High Cap with Crossman .20's.

Result: No feeding Issues.

Mag two: KWA High Cap with Elite Force .28's.

Result: No feeding Issues.

Mag Three: KWA k120 MIdCap with WE .36's.

Result: No feeding Issues.


I then requested to use his magazines with the Ammo he was having Issues with.

The ammo he was using was GoldenBall.30's, that I gave him complimentary.

Upon shooting I noticed that every 5th or 6th shot was a flyer, or misfeed.

The Hop-up Unit was turned all the way off when I began shooting.

I then turned the Hop-up dial ever so slighty to increase Hop, and the gun then fed and shot perfectly fine.

I then turned to Dru and said: "You know, all I did was add Hop".

He turned to me and said: "Well you said to shoot it with the Hop-up all the way off".

I replied: "Start off with the Hop-up all the way off, then add Hop accordingly".


Even though there was absolutely nothing wrong with the gun, I then offered for Dru to test shoot each and every Barrel Group I brought with me. He did, and that is when the 455mm Inner Brrel was installed for he liked the shooting performance of this Barrel Group best.


A week goes by and I get a call from Dru.

He stated that he went to a game.

The gun shot great all day and at the end of the day it just stopped firing.

No power whatsoever.


I got the gun back, looked over the wiring.

There was a tear at the Connector, XT60 Battery Connector.

The funny thing is, when the gun first came to and before I ever worked on it, there was an identical tear just like it. I had already initially cut off the old XT60 Connector that was installed by another Tech and installed a new one at the start of this project. Now, I had to do the exact same thing two weeks later.

Another Funny thing is that I heavily reinforce the solder connections.

After Heat Shrinking the connections, I insulate the connections with electrical tape to distribute the force, This is to protect the solder connections form those who use overly aggressive force when removing a battery. Some people are just rough with wiring.

Dru is the most overly aggressive person I have ever seen handle wiring and remove a battery.

I would describe Dru as ripping, not removing, an airsoft battery from its respective connectors and gun.

I don't use fuses, so I believe the tear at this Connector resulted in the Mosfet shorting out.

So, I replaced the xt60 Connector, replaced the Mosfet, and the gun was working just fine again.

I returned the gun to Dru, problem solved.


I now get another call two weeks later.

He stated the gun has lost all power, as before.

He stated he had a game that weekend and needed his gun.

I said I would personally deliver this gun to him at the field of the game that morning, and I did.

I got the gun back from Dru, looked over the wiring, and noticed the Signal Wire connection at the Mosfet was completely torn. This in turn shorted out the Mosfet.

I then replaced the Mosfet with another brand new one.

The gun then worked perfectly fine again.



I drove to Greensboro to personally deliver the gun to Dru so that he would have it by the game planned for that weekend. Upon handing Dru the gun, he then ripped the Supply wire out from its corresponding Connectors right in front of me while attempting to switch out the battery.

I had to drive all over Greensboro to find a Home Depot and get the tools I needed to resolve the situation:

1. Long Screwdriver

2. Heat Shrink.

3. Lighter.

I arrived back at the field and solved this issue as well.


I now get a call a week later stating the gun went down and he thought it was the Piston.

Upon opening the gun, It did in fact prove to be a Blown Piston.

The Piston was a Raptor 14 tooth Piston with an all steel rack.

I have this Piston in other guns, one of which is a Customer's gun, and have never had an issue with these Pistons.

I replaced the Piston with a Lonex Red.



- 4 Warranty Service Calls.

- Three of which were User Misuse and Abuse for:

A. Not knowing how to operate a Hop-up Unit.

B. Not being able to touch wiring without tearing or ripping something.

- The Piston blowing was no one's fault. That is just airsoft QC.

- Cost: Parts alone were over $350.00 when you include the Warranty Service calls for Mosfets.

Was paid $175.00. You do the math.



- Dru's SR12 was under Warranty and he chose to breach and consequently terminate our contract by sending some others guns, that I had just begun working on but only halfway finished and had yet to complete, to another Tech during our contract period.This so Dru could use some of these guns at an Event.

- Dru has sent me many emails since our business relationship ended asking for refunds and also warranty repair service. Having made it crystal clear to Dru that:

A. Dru Breached the contract, not me.

B. Dru's guns were under warranty and I had offered multiple times to honor that despite all of this nonsense he was putting me through, yet he declined.

C. The Service Agreement in my Term and Conditions specifically makes it clear that once monies are exchanged, there are no refunds, at any time, for any reason.

This is actually the first statute listed in the Terms of Service Agreement.

D. I am in no way Liable for what another Tech does to his guns.


One last thing.

When Dru and I met so I could return to him the remaining guns I had of his in my possession, here is how that went:

- Dru about made me drop one of the guns I was carrying in a rush to shake my hand.

- Dru stated that all three guns that I had previously worked on and gave to him to use at the Event, he had inspected by another Tech.

- He then stated that of the three guns the Tech looked at, the only thing they could find wrong was a bad motor. This was a brand new ZCI High Speed Neo Magnet Motor, which by the way was working perfectly not only in my testing, but when I dry fired each gun right in front of Dru when I gave Dru those Guns back initially. Dru then stated, there is no way that was your fault.

-Dru then stated that the Tech asked who was in fact the Tech that worked on these guns?

Dru told them I had been the one. Dru then stated that this Tech then told him to tell me what a great job I had done on these guns.

- Dru's last remarks to me in this meeting were: "Don't worry, I have no intention of trying to smear your name". He has also made this statement multiple times to me in email communications over the preceding weeks as he was trying to shake me down for money. I have those emails saved.


I will reply further when I have the time.

Edited by vanevery

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No matter what profession you're in, you eventually run into someone irresponsible and impolite. Sadly not everyone can have the same mentality in a world of 6 billion.


I applaud you for staying true to your warranty. Not that there was any reason you shouldn't have, just something that I'm sure some people wouldn't do at this point down the road.


I'll actually PM you because I'd like a quote on some work.

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My initial reply:


I have worked on airsoft guns for five years.

I have done this professionally for two years.


this is your first mistake. lol.

the assumption that you have opened a few gearboxes.... dozens... even hundreds maybe... making your think you are a professional just because you are now getting paid for it.


a friend of mine recent opened and closed his first gear finally getting it working.

he asked me what to charge as he wanted to start offering services.... I had to lol.


To me a "professional airsoft tech" is someone that has worked for kingarms for 5 year... action for 5 years... ehoby for 5 years... and now back to action to design new guns.

has opened and closed 1,000's of gearboxs, and his work is highly prized in the local community.

and these true professionals are very few and far between.


Now I understand there are not Uni courses airsoft tech 101 or 102... no apprenticeships... no formal education for airsoft techs what so ever anywhere in the world... and the internet is a great source of how too's and its very easy to learn the basics.

but mastering them is a different story.

and many... if not all non-airsoft-manufacture counties with store manned with these so called professionals.


Don't get me wrong... I'm not having a go at you... as your probably doing generally great job and maybe the best your country can offer as an airsoft gunsmith.

and you may know... think you know it all about gearboxes... but trust me... you don't.


fk... what do I know... I've open 20 gearboxs.... closed 4... and had one working... lol.

and even then gave it to my smith to correct.


but I guess this comes from... in 15 years of airsoft seeing so called professional friends and techs work on models only to be returned with issues.... and then experiencing one true highly qualified tech with faultless repairs time and time again... highlighted these simple facts for me.


basically.. there is no rank of qualifications to airsoft tech skill level... and 99% are self taught... so always... always take a spare gun when going out to a game with a newly modified model... just in case (you will need it... lol) ;)


Personally I consider myself as a professional airsofter as I sell wholesale airsoft mon to friday... and get in games every other weekend... and I'm quite handy for external upgrades....but in no way am I an Airsoft tech.





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Guest alberty

Did you have any videos or photos to document your final result before handing the gun back to the guy? I think that will help defend yourself against negative claims like this.

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Did you have any videos or photos to document your final result before handing the gun back to the guy? I think that will help defend yourself against negative claims like this.


You are exactly right.


Truthfully, I have hardly ever taken video of customers guns when they are finished.

This is the advice I have been getting across the board though.

Had I done so, it would have quickly solved all of this.


This customer that posted his OP on the other forum, has sent one of the guns I worked on to a second tech.

Let me be more clear.

After this gun left my hands and was returned to the customer, the customer sent this gun to a tech to open the gun up and look at and make changes. Now, a second tech on top of the first tech that worked on it after I did has that gun.

This second tech took all kinds of pictures and posted this long review of "my work".

The pictures of the:

- Mosfet was not even the one I installed.

- The Main Spring has been changed to a different strength and type.

- The soldering on the Switch Assembly and patchwork on the wiring has nothing to do with me. I rewired that gun with brand new wiring.


This second tech also completely made up statements attributed to me in a report I sent to the customer.

Good thing I have all my emails I sent to the customer saved.

I then copy/pasted from that email my actual statement to show what In fact I said.


Long story short:

I was getting hammered by a tech who is also a moderator on that forum, who was taking pictures and doing a review of what was actually the work of the first tech my customer sent the gun to after it left my hands.

Even worse, the Staff allowed this to happen before I had a chance to fully respond to the OP.

I did respond to this second tech's post, but the moderators have now closed the thread.

So, now I cannot completely defend myself and counter some of the things said about me that were completely untrue.


A video camera would have proved my side of the story, had I taken videos of each gun in their complete state.

Edited by vanevery

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Oh wait... let me guess. Airsoft Mechanics?


Nope, just did a search - KWA forums, go figure...


Seems like everyone but the Moderator 'Niko' was either neutral or on Vanevery's side. Frankly, if there is an actual contract, Vanevery could have taken a photo of it, blurred out Dru's name(for confidentiality reasons) and posted it since Dru claimed there was no physical contract made - and if Vane can prove there was, and that he has proof Dru is lying, it becomes incredibly hard to believe much else Dru has to say.


Also, looking at those photos of the 'tech work' - WHO THE HELL in their right mind would:


A: Put rolls of electrical tape in a motor grip like that

B: Put foam inside an AEGs main power spring

C: Use wire that damaged?

D: Tighten 2-piece hop up lowers that tightly to cause it to break twice in the same way, so badly? Seriously, you'd have to either be a god @#$N moron to screw them that tight, or more believably - be doing it on purpose. I'm going to put money on the latter...


Only providing an opinion here but I'm sure everyone on this forum that does tech work is probably scratching their heads going, "What the @$%# was the person working on this gun thinking?" - And frankly, this does, in all four cases I listed, look like deliberate and intentional horrible tech work in order to make a case seem stronger. I just cannot in any way fathom why someone would ever do those things to an AEG, even a highly unskilled tech, which it seems Vanevery is certainly not new to AEG work.


To be perfectly honest - Vane's got way better documentation of the situation, uses less flaming, and seems overall more thorough in this whole matter. I may be bias in my opinion here but frankly - I'm siding with many others here saying Dru's just a whiny baby who mistreated his AEG and wants money back to recover from buyer's remorse of paying for tech work, then breaking his guns right away.


Also, seeing Dru make posts that include things like this:

"I am 51, ex army, nbc, water craft operator, infantry, business owner for 25 years. We currently have 30 members on our team. check us out at (removed for obvious reasons)"


At the moment I start reading about all of his 'credentials' I, probably like others, lose a lot of credibility in him - the way he included it just makes it feel like he's grabbing at straws for credibility and it didn't seem to work honestly.


This just, as others have stated seems like your typical case of the horrible customer that can't ever be satisfied until he gets perfect quality work, and gets it for free. I'd roll with this one and just keep trucking on with your work - this is bound to fade into memory since the mods closed it and Dru can't drag it on. More guns will come and go - and from now on maybe use your phone or get a descent camera/tripod and record all of the "received gun" and "post tech-work" performance of the gun just in case another Dru comes along. Photos of your work documenting what you used and how it looks while installed would only take a few minutes and provide a very useful safety net of proof for future instances as well too.

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Seems like everyone but the Moderator 'Niko' was either neutral or on Vanevery's side. Frankly, if there is an actual contract, Vanevery could have taken a photo of it, blurred out Dru's name(for confidentiality reasons) and posted it since Dru claimed there was no physical contract made - and if Vane can prove there was, and that he has proof Dru is lying, it becomes incredibly hard to believe much else Dru has to say.


I will respond more in depth later on, but want to touch on the point regarding Contract.

Before there is ever an agreement between myself and a customer to in fact contract me for Tech Work, I send every customer via E-mail a full copy of my Warranty, Service Agreement, and Terms and Conditions.

I instruct every customer to save this email and reference it should there be any questions regarding any part of it.


I make it clear to the customer several things:

1. By contracting me for Tech work, the said Customer agrees, consents, and accepts all

Warranty, Service Agreement, and Term and Conditions as stated.


2. I require a working phone number, valid shipping address, and current email address In the event I need to reach the customer and cannot by PM's.


3. I require a live phone conversation or face to face meeting that must take place between myself and the customer before I will agree to Tech Work for the customer.

This so I can highlight some of the information in the Warranty, Service Agreement, and Terms and Conditions and so that I audibly hear the customer consent to the agreement.

- I also require this for both myself and the customer to have a chance to review what we have agreed to in PM's and e-mails where applicable.

This gives both parties direct communication in order to be crystal clear on what is agreed to and to have one more chance to ask questions and add comments.


4. Most importantly, I make explicitly clear that the actual exchange of money paid by the customer and received by me:

- Is the consummation of the contract.

- Activates the customers agreement to all stated Warranty, Service Agreement, and Terms of Conditions.

- All monies exchanged are non-refundable under any circumstance, condition, or change in constitution of mind or ability.


To date, I have not required a signature on/or a paper form of Contract.

The information exchanged in writing via PM's and emails informs the customer of all requirements.

I save the communications as proof of agreement.


Hopefully, this clears thing up a little bit regarding Contract talk.

Edited by vanevery

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Man don't let it bug you. I don't consider myself a professional or even a "great" tech, but I have the most know how and such for my community. I had a customer that I literally had sit an watch me build his gun so he would stop :censored2:...


Any of these emails that you feel are privy to this conversation you should screen shot them and blur and sensitive info out. These are proof of the contract. You do not need a signature if he was aware of your terms and conditions and sent you his weaponry.

Edited by Zenocide

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I would like to establish a timeline and then focus on a particular OP that was the epicenter of Dru doing a 180 on me .


Time line:

- Dru contacted me by phone to ask if I was interested in doing Tech work for him.

I replied yes and then asked what gun is it and what is wrong with it?

Dru replied it was a KWA SR12.

He then stated and asked that he wanted me to work on several of his guns.

I stated that though I appreciated the request, I do not have the time for a multi-gun project due to my work schedule. I can work on one, but that I would need some patience on his end in the time-frame to return his gun to him in a completed state due to my work schedule.

It ended up taking around four weeks or so before I could get his gun back to him. The first couple of weeks was waiting on parts to arrive, the second two weeks was actual gun work and field testing.


- I already described what went in on in the first few weeks with the SR12 in my Initial Reply, so no need to state all of that all over again. There are a few thing worth noting that happened during that time I did not previously cover, so I will now.

Charge: $175.00

- Full-Tune-up.

- All part and labor included.

- Extended Warranty on all parts and labor.

(Warranty extension ended up being six months for this gun).


- I want to now include something that I did not in my Initial Reply to Dru's OP for at the time did not seem necessary to include, but I feel it is relevant to all of this. This is regarding the first Warranty Service Call where I drove to Greensboro for the first time.

After the initial testing of Dru's guns where I went through several Magazines and various ammo weights and brands and demonstrated there was nothing wrong with the gun, I still then offered for Dru to test shoot all four Barrel Groups I brought with me that day.

He agreed and while we were doing this, at times it was necessary to reload ammo in Magazines.

At one point while Dru was reloading at his vehicle where we had everything stationed at, I was several yards away scouting for more materials to use a as a target.We had a pretty good target set-up which was a Square piece of metal resting against a pallet made structure.

I then turned back to walk towards Dru an he looked at me while holding the gun and stated:

"The gun is not firing."

I stated: "What do you mean not firing"?

"He stated: "I am pulling the trigger and nothing is happening".

I stated: "That is odd for I had just spent all day testing his gun a few days previously and there were no issues".

He stated: "Maybe it is the fuse".


I then relayed to Dru that I had purchased two batteries, not just one, and that I will remove the current battery, install the second battery, and we will go from there. I installed the second battery, there was no power.

I then checked the fuse and the fuse in fact was blown.

This was all very odd to me for as I stated earlier, I spent all day testing this gun just a few days ago and there were no issues at all.


We first asked around at the field if anyone had a fuse.

No one did. Dru and I decided to get into his vehicle and drive to a auto parts store to locate some fuses.

This is when I first got to know the real Dru.


Electrical Power was out in the area due to a bad storm that had recently come through the area.

There was even no power at the field we were at, not that we needed it, but just making that known.

Dru's behavior in his vehicle was appalling to me.

I will not elaborate at this time.

I will say that Dru's actions and words towards other drivers as everyone was driving slow in order to go through intersections that did not have power for the stop lights, as well as drivers who were slowly making their way around trees and other obstacles that were blown into the road due to high winds, were way out of line.

At one point I turned my head and simply stated: Dru????????????????

He replied: "I have kids man, and have obligations later today.

I don't have time or all day for this."

This behavior happened on both the way to and from the auto store.


We did make it to the auto store.

As we were getting out of the vehicle, Dru stated:

"So, am I expected to pay for all this"?

I stated: "Of course not, I got it all covered man".

I paid for the pack of fuses as well as a roll of electrical tape.

When the day was done test firing the gun, I made sure to give Dru the pack of fuses and the roll of electrical tape.

- During these weeks, Dru gave me continuous praise on the performance of the SR12. He continuously asked me during this time if I would work on several of his guns. I repeatedly declined for I simply did not have the time.

- During this time, Dru called me and asked if I had a recommendation for a motor. He was wanting to install a new motor into his all stock KWA M4. I stated that I was really liking the new ZCI motors, and recommended a ZCI High Torque Neo Magnet Motor. He then purchased this motor upon my advice. I advised Dru that using such a motor in his all stock KWA m4 with a Li-po battery would probably damage his Gearbox Internals unless he used mainly Semi-Auto only fire and also that he implement a professional level of Trigger Discipline. Long(extended time) trigger pulls in Full-Auto would make quick work of his gun.


Dru then asked me why that was?

I explained again (went over this already with Dru and his SR12) about AOE Correction, proper shimming, and the quality of the stock KWA Piston not being able to handle that Motor unless following the advice I stated.

Dru's reply: My KWA M4 gun is Li-po ready, I am not worried.

I then chuckled, and asked that he let me know how it goes.


- Dru contacted me sometime in the following week or two to inform me that he loved the motor but now his KWA M4 is not working.

He kept talking about how great it would be if I could fix it for him.

During this conversation I was weighing out the time implications involved if I were to fix his gun and if I had the time. I felt like I did have the time as my work schedule had lightened up a bit. I replied to Dru that I was in fact willing to fix and work on his KWA M4. He stated that he wanted me to work on all of his guns. I replied that once again I appreciated the vote of confidence, but I only had the time for the KWA M4 and that we could see where we were at, at that time. At some point, Dru and I met and I received his KWA M4.

Charge: $225.00

- Full Tune-up.

- All Parts and Labor included.

- Extended Warranty on all parts and Labor.

(Warranty extension ended up being six months for this gun).


- I completed the KWA M4 and set up a time to meet with Dru.

The night before I was doing some final tests on the gun and I noticed that if you pulled the trigger slowly in Semi-Auto, there was a resulting 2 or 3 round burst fire. This was not noticeable on normal trigger pulls.

Upon meeting Dru the next day, I want over everything with the gun, showed Dru the battery I purchased for the gun, and dry fired the gun several times in front of him, and then Dru dry fired the gun as well in both Semi and Full-Automatic.

1. I specifically pointed out the burst fire that was happening in Semi-Auto.

I expressed that I noticed it late last night and did not have the time to address it before meeting him. I suggested that I would be more than willing to take the gun back with me that day, correct the issue, and then drive to his house and deliver the gun in the next couple of days.


2. Dru declined this offer and accepted the gun as it was.

He then called me later that evening and expressed he did not like the burst fire, felt the motor was getting too hot, and that the battery was too tight a fit. The Motor that I initially installed and that was in the gun the first time I gave it back to Dru was a ZCI High Speed Motor. I later switched this motor out for a ZCI High Torque Motor, that was the original motor in the gun when it came to me, and that Dru himself purchased and subsequently destroyed his stock KWA Piston with and why the gun came to me in the first place.

ZCI High Speed motors tend to get hot.

They are cheap China Made motors hat do not have the same quality Armature as other brand High peed motors have.

The heat was within the tolerance of the electrical system and the motor.

I also suggested to Dru that his definition if a motor getting hot and my definition were not the same.

The battery that I installed in the Hand Guards was a Zippy 11.1v/1500mah/35C Li-po battery.


3. I did later open this gun up again.

I replaced the Signal Wire and Positive Wire going to the Battery.

This did not solve the issue. It was still doing the exact same thing.

I informed this to Dru and stated I needed to order a completely new mosfet and wanted to re-wire this gun completely with different brand wiring than I had used before.

He stated that was fine.

- While Dru and I were on the phone discussing a time and place to meet for Dru to bring back to me his M4, Dru mentioned again how he would like me to work on several of his guns. I asked Dru that of the number of guns he currently owned, how many guns specifically did he want me to work on, on top of the SR12 and the m4.

His reply was 4 Guns: KWA MOD1, KWA M4(second one), KWA SR10, and Echo1 m249.

I replied to Dru:

I will make you an offer.

If you will pay my full rate of $250.00 per gun for three of the guns and pay the total up front and at one time, I will work on the m249 for free.

His reply was: I will bring all the guns with me next time we meet.

He did and wrote me a check on the spot.


This is now when everything changed in dealing with Dru and when he then did a 180 on me.

I will cover that in my next post due to the number of character limitations per post this forum allows.

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I now meet with Dru and he brings me Six total guns.

1. KWA MOD1, KWA M4(second one), KWA SR10, Echo1 m249


2. KWA SR12:

Warranty call for the blown Piston.

Fourth Warranty Service Call.

Note: First three Warranty repairs were for user Misuse and Abuse.


3. KWA M4(first one)

First Warranty Service to replace the wiring and mosfet described in the previous post.

- At no time before or during the exchange did Dru ever have any performance requests.

All Dru ever said regarding the performance of each gun was:

Can you make it shoot like beast?

Make it shoot like a beast!

I always do a Q&A with every customer regarding performance goals.

I try to get a read on what the customer is expecting and and always inform the customer:

1. What I can do.

2. What I can't do.

3. What I won't do.


I also make it clear to every customer several things.

1. I do not guarantee a specific FPS or ROF.

2. I do not guarantee a specific over-all range or distance.

3. I do not guarantee a specific accuracy rate.

4. I as the Tech am the ultimate decision maker for the parts used and the modifications implemented.

5. Time frame expectations to return all items to the customer.


I believe that many Techs would agree that there is no way to make such guarantees with airsoft guns.

Between Quality Control, Generational changes in Specs, and the fact that every time a bb leaves the barrel of an AEG, it passes over a piece of rubber known as the Bucking that is technically eroding on every shot. I will mention that Main Springs lose their power output strength from the get go, stabilize for a period of time, then slowly lose their power output over time.

I will also mention the Rubber Seal of the Piston Head O-ring as well as the Rubber Seal of the Cylinder Head O-ring wear out over time as well.


- So, I received the airsoft guns mentioned above.

A couple days go by and I get a text message from Dru stating:

By the way, I need all of my guns by next Friday.

I have an OP in Virginia.

The op was AEGIR Rising ll, at Ballahack Airsoft in Chesapeake Virginia.

The Op was held on May 31st, 2014.

I received the guns at some point in the first part of the week of May 19th.

I then received the text message two days later, which was either on a Thursday or Friday that same week.

I had not yet started the work on any of the six guns since they were placed into my possession earlier that week.


I communicated with Dru that his request would be a problem.

I expressed that he experienced first hand the amount of time it took to get him back his SR12 the first time around, and that from day one I have always expressed issues with my work schedule.

I said I would do my best, but there would be no way that I cold have six guns finished in a matter of one week.

I told Dru that I would complete as many as I could, but made no guarantees as to how many guns that wold be.

Dru stated he needed at least four guns back by then.

I stated that four guns was doubtful, but would do my best.

Dru now stated he needed his guns back by the following Thursday (May 29th), for he and his team were leaving for the OP the following Friday morning.



I began receiving a pressing number of text messages, emails and phone calls that would go on every day until we met.

All of a sudden he had performance goals for all of these guns.

FPS and ROF were all he talked about.

Part of this was to meet the fps guidelines of the OP.

He then expressed that after the OP, he wanted to bring me back every gun that I had finished, and then have the Main Springs changed out so he could get higher FPS.

One thing about Dru is that he never listened to anything I said to him regarding the technical aspects of airsoft guns. He also never remembered anything and hardly ever, if ever, saved the emails that I sent him.

I lost count of how many times I explained to Dru about FPS not being important.

I went over and over with him about Kinetic Energy and Joules, High Mass Ammo, Barrel Quality, Air Seal, Air Volume, Quality Buckings and Hop-up Mods, etc.

I endlessly explained to Dru that you do not need high FPS to shoot extremely far and accurate.

I told Dru that I could build him an airsoft gun with only 300fps that could out-shoot an airsoft gun with 500fps that was not properly tuned.


- I get off work Friday, and immediately get to work.

I open four of his guns:

KWA SR12, KWA MOD1, KWA M4(second one), KWA SR10,

The SR12 just needed a Piston, so that would be quick but I was also replacing his Ball Bearing Bushings for 5ku 9mm Solid Metal Bushings.

I also had to properly shim the gears, which takes hours to complete with these Solid Metal Bushings.

The other guns needed everything, and I did not have all of the parts for them in I had not even placed an order yet until either that Thursday or Friday. There was no way all the parts I needed would be processed by the Vendors and then shipped to me on time for this.

I did get some parts in, but not all.


Many of these guns had stripped out screws, internally and externally.

It took me hours to get all these guns open.

On one gun, I spent as much as two hours to remove the tiny .005 specialized Mag Catch screw that KWA uses for it was horribly stripped out.

By end of Friday night, there was no more actual time to begin working on these guns. I did have all the Gearboxes out and open ready for the next day.



I immediately began to clean and then inspect all the gearbox components.

Three of the guns were in bad shape internally.

1. The "all stock" KWA M4 (second one) had a Blown Piston and shredded Spur gear.


2. The KWA SR10 had a gross looking Piston from where the previous Tech, niko_gpsy, had attempted to file teeth down.

The added sorbo was way too soft, badly damaged, and the padding was half hanging off.

The Bevel Gear had chipped teeth and was replaced.


3. The Mod1 just looked beat up on the inside.


None of these guns were shimmed correctly.

All of these guns had a mix match of different generation of KWA gears.

My reaction to niko_gypsy's work was: "someone paid this guy to do this"?

I did not have all the parts I needed in, but was most efficient with what I had to work with.

Work Completed:

1.Thorough cleaning and inspection of all Gearbox components.

2. Replaced Gears and other Gearbox components where necessary.

3. Replaced the stock Sorbo Pad where needed and added additional Sorbo

padding on all Cylinder Heads with a permanent bonding material.

(72 hour cure time).

4. Completed the Cylinder / Cylinder Head Sealant mod in all three KWA guns.

(72 hour cure time).

5. Thorough cleaning of all Inner Barrels, Hop-up Units and Buckings/Nubs.

6. Completed all installs of Barrels, Buckings and Nubs into their respective Hop-up Units as well as the Mega Teflon Mod.

7. Correctly filed down the appropriate Piston Teeth for AOE Corretion.

8. Installed brand new G&G Aluminum Ported Piston Heads in each gun.

9. Properly stretched the brand new X-rings for air seal.

10. Radius Cylinder Windows on all Gearbox Shells.

- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

I took a few days off of work to be able to get as much done as I could. Some parts began to arrive but some had not yet to do so.

I did the best I could over the weekend.

At this point, I kept getting messages from Dru and instructing to just get everything working and not worry about all the guns being finished.

Just get it done, get it done Dru would say.



Dru informed me on Monday that he had directly communicated with a field representative of Ballack Airsoft and that the SR12 would not be allowed to be used at the field due to it exceeded the fps limits of the field.

He also stated (IIRC) that the SR12 was not the right model gun to be allowed to shoot at the higher DMR and Sniper FPS limits at Ballack Airsoft.

So, the time spent on this gun was now wasted.



Rewired the MOD1 and added a Mosfet.

That is all I had time for on Monday.



- Short stroked Piston for MOD1 by three teeth (Release side).

- Short stroked Sector Gear by three teeth (Pick-up teeth side).

- Installed 9mm Solid Metal Bushings on Mod1, M4(second one), and SR10.

- Shimmed the gears on the Mod1 and M4(second one).



- Shimmed the gears on the SR10.

- Re-assembled all gearboxes.

- Re-assembled all guns

- Tested all guns.

1. Feeding

2. Battery operation.

3. Chrono: FPS and ROF.

4. Shot 300 rounds in Full-Auto in each gun.

5. Shot 300 rounds in Semi-Auto in each gun.

6. Battery endurance testing.

This is when I dry fire each fully charged battery for three second bursts over the course of one minute, with a few seconds rest between each dry fire burst.



All guns performed well and past every inspection test.

All guns were ready to go.

Note: These guns were not field tested before being sent back to the customer.

It was the middle of the week and there were no Paintball Fields nor Airsoft Fields open. I also do not have a legal or proper place at my Condo to test shoot at. I also do not know anyone who lives in close enough proximity to test shoot on their property.

- Completed Guns:

The guns were ready for the OP , but not all guns were finished.

I was expecting two of the three guns to be returned to me for had only completed them enough for each one to be working in order for Dru to attend the OP in Virginia.

I had completed the MOD1, so that was done.


SR10 and M4(second one).

Both of these guns needed a mosfet.

The wiring and mosfets had not arrived in yet from having been ordered.

I was wanting to re-shim each gun as well for I thought I could do better on that specifically.

The rush to get everything done so fast most likely affected my shimming the most.



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- Wednesday Evening:

I called Dru to discuss a time and place we could meet to drop off his guns.

I had driven to Greensboro Twice before, we had met halfway twice before, and Dru had driven to Charlotte several times. Charlotte is either part of Dru's normal sales route in his professional line of work, or along the way. Dru drives into or through Charlotte all the time, so it is not out of the way for him nor added time or expense to do so.


- I specifically asked Dru if there was a place he knew of halfway between Charlotte and Greensboro where we could take the guns out of the bags and that not be an issue. I needed to show Dru the batteries I got for each gun, go over installation, and wanted to dry fire the guns in front of him to show him everything was in working order. More than anything, I needed to go over installing the batteries I got for his SR10.

I purchased two Tenergy 11.1v/2000mah/15C batteries for his gun.


I also switched out the connector on each battery for an XT60.


The battery installation was important for Dru because this was a Tri-Panel Li-po, and not a brick type that Dru was used to. There was also a lot going on with the amount of wiring that was in the Crane Stock with the Bungy Supply Wire and the very long battery wires that come with this brand Li-po.

I wanted to make sure Dru understood how to place the wires in the Battery tubes of the stock.

I also needed to show Dru that he now only had half the length of the collapsible stock.

I did not want Dru to forcefully attempt to collapse the stock all the way for concern that could damage a battery.


Thursday Evening:

- Cool Combat.

We met in the parking lot at Cool Combat in Lexington, NC.

This was Thursday evening around 6:30pm.

I went over:

- The battery brand and type for each gun.

- Installation of the battery in each gun.

- How to place the wiring in the SR10 Crane Stock.

- The less room for collapsing the Crane Stock.

- Both Dru and I dry fied each gun in Full-Auto and Semi-Auto extensively.


I pointed out:

- The Mod1 was completely finished and I was very happy with it.

- Both the SR10 and the M4A1(second one) needed to be re-shimmed and needed new wiring and mosfets.

I was not happy with my shimming on either gun and expressed that specifically with Dru. Dru stated everything sounded just fine to him.

- The barrel changes I had made respective to each gun.


I then entered into a conversation with Dru about the work of Niko_Gpsy, the previous tech who had worked on these guns and some of what I had seen in his guns.

I described what I felt was the most incompetent work I had ever seen.

I suggested to Dru that whatever plan he had for the future and his guns, he was wasting all of his money and paying for shipping as well, using Niko.


I then wished Dru good luck on his OP at Ballahack in Virginia and asked him to let me know how it went.


OP AEGIR at Ballack Airsoft in Virginia.

This is when everything changed in regards to Dru doin a 180 on me.


I called Dru on Monday and left a voice mail asking how the OP went.

Around noon, I opened up my laptop and checked my emails.

There was an email from Dru and it was about the OP.


This email was a mile long email giving me an earful about the guns:

Dru stated: (from my saved email)

- M4A1 was shooting 440fps with .20 bbs but only 20 rps and that every 5th shot was misfeeding. He stated he did not even take it to the OP.

(Hmmmm. Misfeed. This sounds familiar. Like when I drove to Greensboro and wasted an entire day because Dru did not ever turn up the Hop-up dial).

- The mod1 was 421 fps with .20 and 22 rps

- The sr10 was shooting 420 fps with .20 and around 23 rps. It was only shooting 340 to 350 fps with .28 bbs. I only shoot .28 bbs. Shots were over-hopping.

- The Tri-Panel battery was unacceptable and he will only use a brick style in that stock.

- The batteries for the Hand Guards are too tight and he will not use them in the carbines.

- And on and on.


Then Dru told me:

- Do not begin on the m249.

- He may want some money back on the Mod1 and SR10

- He may want money back on the M4A1.

- A few other instructions.....


Dru and I then exchanged several emails over the next couple of days.

My initial reply was:

- A history lesson in all the nonsense he had put me through with the SR12.

- The current situation with M4 (first one)

- The undue pressure and unrealistic timeline I was under to complete guns for the OP in Virginia.

- Moving forward: My intentions, approach, and what I would need on his end to complete this project.

- A reminder of the Misuse and Abuse Policy.

I had yet to implement it but was in my right and it was on my mind.


Dru's reply copy/pasted from his following email:

Here are your final instructions: please put Everything that belongs to me in the trunk of your car an I will pick it up Wednesday! Please do not alter anything I have paid for including motors etc. I need my upper for the m4 back with the silencer. I will pick this up Wednesday. Again, please do not alter what you have done, you have you money.


I replied by stating I would in fact not work on the m249 for he never actually paid for that, so that will be returned. I then stated that I would finish the work on the KWA guns I had with me as they were opened up completely, and it was my intention to honor our agreement and complete the work on the guns


Dru then replied to me with these instructions:

Stop working on all of my guns: No Matter What State the Guns Were Currently In / Finished or Unfinished.


I replied offering one last time to honor the deal to complete the work on all of his guns.

He said no and for me to bring all his items to him ASAP.

I believe he used the term" just slap it all together if you have to, just get me my items back".


At some point Dru then sent me an email saying it was ok to finish work on the two guns I had in my possession.

At that point I had everything packed up and ready to return to Dru.

I was not about to oblige Dru after all of this.

I informed Dru that I was now exercising the User Misuse and Abuse Policy and that our business had concluded.

We set up a place and time to meet and I gave back Dru all of his items.



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Timeline Continued.


OP AEGIR at Ballack Airsoft in Virginia.

I want to revisit this OP for this is when did a 180 on me.

I gave Dru three guns hastily completed in a weeks time in order for him to attend this OP.

It was my expectation to have two of the three guns returned to me for completion.


Guns for event OP:

KWA Mod1, KWASR10, KWA M4(second one).

The Mod1 was completely finished.

I was expecting the other two guns back to be completely re-wired, add mosfet units, and to re-shim, then field test each gun.

When Dru returned from this event, to say that got an earful in e-mails, text messages, and phone calls would be an understatement. Long story short, he said that all of these guns went down at some point during the OP in one form or another.


I knew something was amiss with all of this.

Though I dd not field test these guns, I had put each gun through strenuous electrical stress tests, feeding tests, and had chrono'd the FPS and ROF of each gun. All guns were performing and functioning great.

I have also been doing airsoft gun builds for years and have never experienced any of these issues in such a way and in such a time span as Dru was complaining about.

Both Dru and I extensively dry-fired each gun when we met at the parking lot of Cool Combat for him to get his guns for the OP.

No guns had any issues.

The purpose of the dry-firing was to demonstrate the battery function of each new battery I had purchased as well as to demonstrate the Motors not getting hot to the touch.


Dru's first email to me upon returning from the OP was a mile long rant detailing each and every "problem" with each gun.

These "problems" are what led Dru and I to parting ways in the middle of a six gun tech project, where only one gun was completely finished at the time business had concluded.


I decided to do some investigating.

Though I do not have a personal profile at the moment on Facebook, I do have access to Facebook and knew that Dru has a Facebook page for his airsoft team. So, after days of getting an earful about the guns I worked on, how much money he spent for he and his son to attend this event, what a horrible time he had, and even stating that he and his son had to finish the OP the entire last day using only pistols, here is what Dru posted on Facebook.


link: https://www.facebook.com/drudog1

Excerpts from post.

(9th post down on the right).

- K, POST OP! Our adventure to operation aegir rising ll at Ballahack Airsoft in Chesapeake VA was a great success. We had a blast! Nine Battledogs were in attendance;

-Everyone fought hard despite several obstacles from equipment failure to the swamps to mis thrown thunder Bs and a unfamiliar field.

- Let me get back to swamps! If you understand the geographical location of Chesapeake VA you will no doubt understand that it is around a lot of water. People, when I say this field had swamps I mean they had true swamps. At the beginning of the OP the Battledogs (because of our yette like appearance I guess) were tasked to take the left side of the field and flank the enemy. Well this was swamp land, we were walking in swamp mud up to our knees surrounded by squadrons of mosquitos, water moccasins and about five other species of snakes.

- I did find the mud to be nice and cool and was great at bringing your core body temp down. What I am really excited about is how we are growing as a team. When we were asked to take the swamp we gladly did it and as we slopped through the stinky mud I did not hear one complaint.


I, as well as many airsofters viewing this, have played airsoft in about every weather condition possible.

I have also airsofted in the swamps, specifically Adventue Beach Paintball in Tabor City, NC.

Matter of fact, at my first safety briefing at this field, they warned to watch out for Water Moccasins, Wild Bore, and stated to not go into the water due to alligators.

The point is, swampy conditions do not make an airsoft gun go down.


My interpretation of Dru's statements on his Facebook page is that most, if not all, of the guns that he had, and that I worked on, were in fact dragged through the mud and most likely dropped in the water.

This would explain later comments in emails that Dru sent me stating:

- The SR10 Motor went south.

- The Mod1 worked great all day and then had a Signal Wire issue with the Mosfet.

- The SR10 got mud in the barrel.

I would also add that multiple percussion grenades going off in and around your Load-Out is probably not good for equipment.


The immediate emails I received from Dru following OP AEGIR Rising consisted of requests for money back, dismissing me as his Tech, sending the guns I worked on to another Tech for inspection, now wanting more warranty work, and then threats as to what would happen if I did not honor his requests.




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Something I put up on another forum


Airsoft Equipment Repair Contract (draft)

You have chosen to have me repair your equipment rather than return it to the manufacturer or where you purchased your equipment. Before I accept your equipment we must come to terms with what will happen once I do. By signing this contract you agree to all the terms and conditions stated herein.


1) You will be paying me for

a. Time spent fixing your equipment

b. Time spent researching the fix for your equipment

c. Parts required to fix/upgrade your equipment.

d. Parts exchanged in the process of fixing your equipment

2) Pricing

a. You understand that it may cost you more to upgrade/repair your equipment than it would cost you to replace the equipment.

b. You may be liable for repair costs even if I find your equipment is unfixable.

c. If you do not pay for repairs within 30 days after you are notified by phone, email of registered mail, that the repairs are complete, your equipment may be sold to recover costs.

d. No equipment will be returned until all invoices are paid in full and funds have cleared.


3) Upon being returned, your equipment will:

a. Have the original manufacturers and or vendors warranty or guarantee void.

b. Be functioning at the best state possible at this point in your equipments life cycle. The best state possible may or may not be better or worse (both objectively and or subjectively) than the equipment once performed, was advertized to perform, your remember it performing or you think it should have been or someone says it was performing.

c. Possibly have the external finish of some parts changed, glued, scratched, filed or marred in some non-new looking way. This will be kept to a minimum whenever possible.

d. Possibly have some non-functional parts removed during reassembly. These parts will be returned to you.

I. Examples

1. Spring release in front of trigger guard in G36

2. Forward assist

e. Possibly have some parts broken during the process of disassembly and put back in broken but still functional. Unfortunately some equipment is designed to never be taken apart and it is necessary to break it during the repair/upgrade process

I. Examples

1. C clips on hop ups

2. Plastic flash hiders

f. Possibly have performance robbing parts that do not contribute to the ultimate objective of the equipment (I.e. shooting BBs) removed and returned to you

I. Examples

1. AEG blowback parts,

2. Hand guard weights

g. Parts is Parts----The whole AEG thing is built upon something called Tokyo Marui compatibility. At one time TM was the first company to develop AEGs and everyone was copying them. TM compatible parts are not necessarily compatible with all brands and all TM compatible aftermarket parts do not necessarily fit all TM compatible guns. To compound this fact sometimes replacing one broken part in a gun with a TM compatible part requires replacement of another part(s) to get a system functioning.

I. It is understood that:

1. One of the reasons I can fix guns is because I have a pile of new and used parts for AEGs in my shop.

2. In order to fix your gun I may have to dig through said parts and try them in various combinations before I can get them all working together in your equipment.

3. Sometimes, when it is necessary, your gun will be returned with some different parts from those it was originally furnished to me with.

a. If a useable part is taken from your gun there will only be a nominal charge for the exchange and I will keep the useable part.

b. If an un useable part is taken from your gun it will be returned and you will be charged full price for the replacement part

4. Charges for parts will include”

a. The actual cost of the part

b. Incoming freight or pickup charge incurred getting your part(s) to me so I can install it in your gun

c. Labor required to research the acquisition of part(s)

d. Actual cost for any long distance calls etc involved in finding and acquiring your parts.

e. Nominal markup

f. This all means that; I know you found it cheaper on the Internet and that does not matter here, you agree to pay what I charge you.


4) I will get your equipment back to you when I get it back to you.

a. If you need it back by this weekend or a certain date don’t ask for me to fix it for you. I really don’t know how long it will take.

b. If you call me or email me or bother me in effort to accelerate delivery I will stop work, put it in a bag and notify you to pick it up in the condition it is in. You also agree to pay for all parts and labor charges incurred to date as stated below.

c. When you are notified. You agree to pay for and pick up the equipment within 30 days or the equipment may be sold to recover the costs of repair.


5) Once you accept the repaired gun you understand that all sales are final. There is no way for me to guarantee you will care for your equipment, not abuse your equipment not put used BB’s in it or hook up a mondo battery to it and blow it up. You understand that it is your responsibility to maintain your equipment and assure it is not abused.

6) By signing this agreement you swear you are of legal age, at least 18 years of age or that the guardian who signs for you is your legal guardian.

7) You agree that in no way shall (your name) be liable in excess of the value of the equipment in the broken state in which it was received for repair or one third the (street selling) price of the equipment when it was new, whichever is less.


Signed Dated


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I know its nominal, and in the face of slander people change, but the amount of effort put into the typing alone says a bit about you to me at least.


Unfortunately there is little to no evidence one way or another here. You typing out a timeline and all doesnt necessarily get you off the hook. Actual conversations, messages, records, and proofs are still missing. Text on a forum doesn't prove much at all.


I am not calling you out. In fact I totally side with you in many ways having experience with similar customers. For example the whole just make it shoot better and later complaints was so similar to what I experienced I actually felt pissed like it was happening again lol... The endless explaining and wasted time and ugh... anyways.


From an outside view there is not a lot of fact checking going on. I worry about these sorts of things because I unfortunately got myself into a kind of role fixing guns for those in my community as cheaply as possible. The complete lack of actual shops in my neck of the woods results in a broken aeg often never getting repaired and we lose the player do to something as simple as a fuse or stripped piston. I do what I can for these people/kids/comrades because if someone would have done it for me I would have been eternally grateful. On a few occasions this has totally backfired though....


Due to the nature of you situation, a lot of this could just be made up. How are we supposed to go and prove that all of these things actually happened. As an experienced member of this forum you are also entitled to a certain amount of sway over someone just coming online. Thus this posting would likely heavily sway in your favor.


Do I believe you. Yes I think much of what you said is likely true and the effort to details each happening tells me that you a likely a very competent individual. But in short I don't know what you want us to say or do about your situation, other than bash this other guy into submission or ban you... Its really between you two. This public name calling is a pitiful effort to get back at you, and it sounds like this isn't your first time around the block. Those who are loyal to your work can vouch and you can continue to do stand up work. He may not leave you alone, but then it still remains up to you to deal with your customer and contract.


Either way man I really really hope it turns out for you. I almost quit airsoft totally a few times because of some really horrible situations in which I was made to be the bad guy when others had thrown me under the bus for trying to help. In reality just remember why you play and enjoy the sport.

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Thank you for sharing your views.


The purpose of this Thread was to give me a chance to fully express my thoughts.

The thread got shut down on the other forum.

I knew it would from my time spent on that forum and I knew I would not get a fair chance to fully express my thoughts.


I am in no way trying to create a court of public opinion.

This is a forum and that will happen, but that is not my intent.

The OP by Dru was by no means an honest and objective review of his experience with me, nor my work.

It was intended to be a Smear Campaign to attack my reputation and my credibility via a world wide media outlet.


When Dru and I met last and I returned to him his remaining items, almost three weeks went by and I never heard from him.

Unexpectedly, I received a mile long email from Dru.

He was asking for a refund and possibly more Warranty Service work.

I replied with a very long email detailing our experience together, an itemized timeline of events, reminded Dru of some of his actions and statements, reminded Dru that I made it clear at the onset that I do not give refunds, and detailed how Dru had breached our contract and caused undue hardship on this entire situation.

I also informed him that his request for a refund and more Warranty Service work was just simply unreasonable at this point.

Dru then sent me a nasty email talking about " how the airsoft world will know".


Then, a few days later, he posted his OP on the other Forum.

I in turn, want to fully defend myself, in a media outlet that had the same reach and more so that I could express my own thoughts of everything.

Dru and I have had countless emails exchanged during our business together, many phone conversations and text messages exchanged. The emails are saved by me.

Dru always was bad about saving emails I would send him, though he may have a few.


The purpose of the Timeline is to establish a written record of my account.

I am still writing it as of this moment.

Just busy with life and work.

I have also posted this subject on another media venue where it has gained more attention, and Dru himself has popped in.


I am attempting to engage Dru in civil conversation.

At first he responded, but has backed off.

Dru and I have exchanged a handful of emails over the last few days.

At first, Dru was engaging me in a civil conversation.

He then sent me an email stating that he was offended at what he read in my timeline regarding our drive to the Auto Store and that he was done responding in the thread.

I sent Dru an email responding to several things he had stated in these recent emails and as of this moment I have not heard back.


Right now, I am making every effort to be professional with Dru.

In regards to proof of things, I am not exactly trying to shoot all my guns at once, so to speak.

In the mean time my intention is to finish the timeline and then address a few points I would like to make.

I also would like to answer any questions people have towards me.


No one takes well to being unjustly attacked and slandered.

It is natural instinct to want to stand up for yourself.

I am doing the best I can with that in the best way I know how.

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Timeline Conclusion:


As I wrap up this timeline, I want make something clear.

When Dru and I met in person so that I could return to him his remaining items and then officially parted ways, I did not hear from him for several weeks. Out of nowhere, I get a typical mile long email from Dru that went on and on about the guns and asking me for money back and possibly more warranty work.


My reply email to him was another timeline of events, a decline of his request for money back, a decline of his request for more warranty work since he breached our contract, and a brief expression on my views of dealing with him in all of this.

I then got a nasty email from Dru calling me names and insinuating threats.

Less than 48 hours later, Dru posted his OP on the KWA forums.


As time has gone on, I have made every effort for Dru to engage me in a public venue. he is choosing to decline.

Dru and I have exchanged some emails recently: three from him to me, one from me to him.

This is an excerpt of the first of the three emails Dru sent me.

I will highlight the email in Bold Text and then clarify some of the technical points following.


Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2014 16:51:54 -0400

Subject: RE: Got a Question / Request

From: (Blocked Out)

To: vaneveryf1<AT>hotmail.com


Phillip, in the spirit of just talking. I have always said that the sr12 shot great and I will agree that machines break and some of the issues had nothing to do with you. Contrary yours any everyone elses opinion on these forum I do not abuse my guns, I have had them for years and have them regularly serviced. It did and still does have a horrible auto burst since I got it back from you. The second carbine, m4a1, not my primary, currently shoots fine once I changed the bucking. The Mod 1 that went down it the OP had a bad trigger thing that had nothing to do with you. The sr10, did have a motor that went south and the screws were missing in the top rail of the gear box. If these motors were new it would be great if I could have the receipts to return for refund, or maybe you can do it. Also, I changed the barrel that had a different bucking to keep the bbs from rising with the hop off. I replaced the bad motor with a lonex a1 I believe, the one that is high torque and I had a heavier spring put in. Shoots great. I will agree that when I picked up my final guns from you I was willing to part ways in an agree to disagree fashion.The reason I went off was because of my primary m4a1, the second gun I gave you.This is the gun and the only gun I immediately sent to Niko.



- Three guns at OP in Ballahack, VA.

Mod1, SR10, M4(second one)


-Two guns left in my possession and returned to Dru unfinished per his request after Dru returned from the OP:

SR12, M4(first one)


- SR12 Burst Fire:

The Selector Plate Spring fell out as I was rushing to put back together Dru's SR12 gun and return it to him.

I did replace it with another spring and properly stretch it to accommodate for the Semi-Only Mod. The guns was working just fine with no burst fire issues when it left my hands.

I suspect the replacement Selector Plate Spring has popped out of place, thus allowing the Cut-Off Lever to flop around.

I have informed Dru of this twice now since this email.


- Dru complained of all three guns going down at the OP in Ballahack VA.

In this email Dru states:

1. Mod1 had a bad Signal Wire

2. The m4(second one) was over-hopping and thus shot fine when the Bucking was replaced by another Tech.

3. The SR10 brand new motor went bad, screws were missing form the Gearbox top rail, the barrel was changed out that I had installed ( the 455mm that was in his SR12) and he had a heavier spring installed.


All of these guns were thoroughly tested before leaving my hands.

300 rounds Full Auto.

300 Rounds Semi-Auto.

Battery Stress tests of the new batteries.

All guns were feeding, performing, and shooting just fine.

Both Dru and I extensively dry fired each gun in the parking lot at Cool Combat to demonstrate how the new batteries were working, the low heat of the motor, and to show Dru that all the electricals were good to go after having dealt with all of the nonsense with his SR12 warranty claims.


The Mod1 never had over-hop issues.

I had installed a Lonex 50 Degree Bucking in that one.


The SR10 and M4(second one) were over-hopping for I tuned the Hop-ups to shoot .43 bb's.

Dru was using .28bb's at the OP.

Dru had just purchased two bags of Core .43 bb's and was raving about their performance in the SR12.

So, I built the SR10 and M4(second one) with .43's in mind.

I thought that was the ammo he intended to use.


In closing:

I would add that if you compare Dru's statements in this email vs his statements in his OP on the KWA forum, you see a different picture presented entirely. I would also add that when Dru and I met and I returned his remaining items after the OP in Ballahack, VA, he stated to me that the only thing the Techs at the store could find wrong with the guns I worked on was a bad motor. They also told him to tell me what a good job I had done on these guns.

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I was never trying to be offensive just offering an outside perspective on the situation as it develops.


I do think that your response here is warranted seeing as defending yourself is a natural response to being slandered/attacked/berated. The way in which you approach your written account is spot on in my opinion, but it is a bit text heavy and repetitive.


I think a lot of this argument stems from the old rock and a hard place phrase. This is airsoft and god forbid a part was actually "drop in" or indestructible. Things happen constantly, including the breakage of brand new parts. I think where everything gets really weak here is the fact that somehow all of these issues are occurring pretty much right after they were returned to Dru after he put you up against it with a hard deadline. There are 2 ways to think about this:


1) No offense, but maybe the work wasn't up to par. This is unfortunately a realistic possibility, however even here vanevery has a small benefit because of the rushed timeline. Either way though as the tech you should have fought quite a bit harder to keep Dru from pushing you to the point where some mistakes could have been made. Although Dru may not have been pleased that only 1-2 of the 3 guns were finished it would have guaranteed you the time you needed to fully correct all issues. This is one of the hardest things as a tech. Often customers have unrealistic expectations for upgrades and builds. I find that it is extremely important that you put your foot down when accepting the item. You made it clear that it would be hard to get it all done, but be sure that you have plenty of time for yourself and establish a longer timeline that you think you need. You must stick to our guns here! This then can lead to an added benefit of completion early which will make your customers even happier. Never forget that if these upgrades could be done by them they wouldn't be coming to you.


2) Dru damaged the guns post return. Because of the nature of this exchange we can't know what he did or how he treated his weapons. Furthermore all warranty service I provide is nullified if the weapon is altered post leaving my hand. (Of course things like changing the hop up and such don't matter, but I am referring to things like barrel group changes and internals.) Simply put we will never ever know exactly how this went down.



I think you have so far handled this rather well. I understand no wanting to put the cart in front of the horse in terms of evidence, but if this should come to any major head, it good to know you have those things in your pocket.


I do side with you here on this I am just trying to provide a bit of level headed objectivity. Sometimes in light of being attacked we forget there might have been a few things both parties erred on. In this case you seem to be mostly on the right though. Even if the work was a tad bit shoddy the timeline was changed and you trying to do the right thing and help him out. You did the best you could under the circumstance, and frankly I applaud you.


Do your best to remain professional and best of luck!

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I accept your advice and any constructive criticism you may offer.

If I had it to do all over again, I would do many things differently.


I do understand that there is a lot of text regarding the time-line.

I just wanted to get all of my thoughts out there and express my side of things, even at the expense of over-doing it.

When it comes to defending myself from being attacked in such a venomous way, I would rather over-do it than leave anything left unsaid.

Dealing with Dru was such a giant headache, long before all of this with his OP.

Then, to have Dru attack my reputation in such a way as he did with his OP, was such a surprise.

I spent countless hours with him on the phone, in emails, text messages, and in person.

I answered all of his questions over and over and went outside of my body to provide great customer service for this guy.


I am human, man.

I am handling this the best way I know how.

I have also been around the block in the business world.

In doing so, you learn when to roll with it and when to fight back.


Attacking someones reputation in public is as big a deal as it gets.

There is no such thing as small scale regarding public opinion.

If you are going to call someone out, you better be right.

In this case, It was a venomous attempt to slander my name after Dru's hustle scheme did not work out.

He thought he could threaten me in an attempt to get money and free work.

He thought he could set me up using another tech.

So, Dru played the last card in the deck he had left to get something for nothing, that was slander.


When someone unjustly attacks someone's good name and reputation they have earned the right way, that is the time to fight back.

I would stop the world, turn it upside down, and stop gravity in its tracks to clear my name should someone attempt to portray my name or reputation in a false light.

This is my way of doing it.

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