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Moving cover to cover

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When you need to move/run/sprint cover to cover, if time and space permits consider backing up a bit to get a running start so you are closer towards your top speed when you do expose yourself as opposed to having to accelerate while out in the open.


This doesn't always apply depending on the environment but sometimes I see players not actually reach their top speed or otherwise move as fast as they could have while out in the open until they are close to the next piece of cover. Depending on the situation maybe it helps and maybe it doesn't.


Also if you are rolling up on opfor and are moving cover to cover, consider going lateral/diagonal to your opponents. If you run straight at them they do not have to move their gun much at all. If you come at them in a forward but lateral (therefore diagonal) fashion, they will need to move the gun a bit. Depending on a lot of things maybe it helps and maybe it doesn't. Just a thought.


I hope this helps. Have fun out there.

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