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  1. 1. Which of the following type(s) of grenade do you use?

    • Thunder B
    • Tornado
    • Concussion/Flashbang
    • Smoke
    • Dummy
    • Homemade
    • Other (please specify)
    • I don't use grenades

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Hakkotsu thunder B's


Not entirely reuseable, but paying about a buck per grenade toss isn't bad. And if someone steals the thing, I'm out $20 rather than $100


I've mostly used them to help clear out pockets of resistance that are difficult to root out by other means.


Only catch is there's enough variation in the delay to make timing a breach and clear difficult.

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At typical games and events I don't really use them.


At large/weekend events I will run thunder Bs for various applications. I'm planning to bring smokes with me as some events are allowing specific products to be used.

To me the cost is fine as I am already paying a lot of money to attend these larger events so it becomes like a weekend trip to Vegas or whatever but less damaging to the liver and ears.

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