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WTB: Classic Army G3/CA33E (SAR Sportmatch, SAR Taktik, or CA33E)

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Like the title says, I am looking for a Classic Army G3 of some sort. Preferably I would like the SAR M41 Sportmatch that came with the retractable stock, but I am open to any of the CA G3/CA33 line as long as it isn't the short barrel version. I do not want any TM's unless all of the external bits have been replaced with CA or RS parts. I do not necessarily need a factory original model, just as long as its a CA and has the right furniture. Also, versions with trademarks are preferred although not required.





Also very good:



Also acceptable:



Or if someone has THIS gun, or something like this and wants to sell do not hesitate to contact me!




I know this ad is a long shot as there weren't very many of these made in the first place and most of them have since disappeared, but hopefully someone here has one they are willing to sell.


I'd like to get something that still has externals in good shape, beat up guns are fine, but I really want something nice. Please PM me with any offers or leads.



I know I have not been active on this forum before, although I am active on GasGuns.info under the same user name.

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