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I have a question on M14 platforms.

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Alright, so I'm actually a builder and I'm looking for the Classic Army EBR version. With the shortened barrel.
The issue I'm facing is I'm not necessarily willing to pay 500 dollars for it when it's being advertised on Evike for 368. The lower I can keep my build price the better.
The issue I'm facing is that I can't find this rifle stocked anywhere.
So then I face another issue. What other platform could I use?
I've looked at the CYMA EBR MOD 1, but there seems to be an issue where the stock is bolted on by two small screws.
Which wouldn't be an issue if it didn't have a problem of breaking.
I also saw the Echo 1 version, which is also a Mod 1. It looks sturdier, but I cant find any solid reviews or breakdowns of their EBR MOD 1.
Between them both though, I would rather pay 500 for a Mod 0, rather than half for a Mod 1. While I like the Mod 1's handguard/RIS style. I hate the carbine stock look. I much perfer the Mod 0's stock.

Any direction would be appreciated. But I do have one drastic question.
Is it possible to replace the CYMA or Echo 1 EBR buffertube style stock/grip with an authentic Sage MOD 0 stock?
Not the entire body, just the stock.
Also, is there anywhere I can find a Classic Army EBR for less than 380? And are they even being made anymore?

I'm trying to keep my build under 1000 dollars. If I where to buy a authentic Sage, I would be dropping about 1500 total in parts before I finished my build.

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Guest alberty

The old Echo 1 EBR was a rebranded KART M14 EBR. That thing was super heavy, and not in a good way.

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Have you looked at the G&G M14 HBA? Essentially the same design as the Classic Army, but a higher externals quality. Also a bit pricier at around $500.


Also, I looked into the same stock issue before. The mounting points are radically different, and as a result, it appears the only means by which you can change the stock style would be to swap out or significantly modify the body.


Assuming you don't have access to a machine shop equipped to make such modifications that aren't 100 times as ugly as the crane stock itself, swapping the body will cost you nearly as much as the gun itself, or even more if you're forced to go for a conversion kit.


P.S. The Kart version of this gun, which has been rebranded to the Echo1, uses an unfortunately high degree of pot metal in the body. Unless you want to stage a dramatic scene where you snap your gun over your knee in an "impressive show of strength", I suggest avoiding it.

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Hey guys!
Thanks for the speedy replies.

Thank you for the heads up on the CYMA/Echo 1.
For what I'm building I cannot have weakness in the frame. It would be a waste of money and effort.

It is looking like I'm going to end up having to drop 500 on a G&G, which is somewhat disappointing considering what I'll be doing.

My project is a magazine fed paintball M14. First Strike/Shaped projectile comparable.
I'll be taking the internal components out of the M14 completely. And replacing them with heavily modified internals from a paintball marker. I'll also have to fabricate quite a few pieces.

But considering all the work I'm going to do, and how rough I can be. The last thing I want is for my gun to break on impact of a fall, jump, window climb, or D all of the above.

As far as the body quality. I just don't want it to snap. I don't want the stock to come off the body. Etc..(I run single point slings on my stocks) Want pretty decent quality without paying SAGE price-tags

At the SAGE Price-tag I might as well get authentic Crye equipment, AR500 plates, etc..

So my best bet is the G&G?

Also, are the internal components of the G&G as far as the gear system etc.. worth any value? I don't have enough experience to sell the internal works in different pieces. But as a whole in whatever the disassemble leaves me with, I'm sure I'd be able to.

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