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WTS: Massive AEG Internals/Externals Sale

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Thread Rules:


1.) I ship everything with bubble wrap, hence some expense.

2.) No lowballs will be responded too: my prices are already incredibly low

3.) If I pay shipping, I choose the shipping method (UPS, USPS, Fedex). However, we can negotiate shipping time/handling.

4.) If you send an "e-check" through Paypal, the item cannot be shipped until the check clears.

5.) I cannot place a hold on items for more than 24 hours.

6.) Feel free to ask questions, but reserve price inquiries for when you want to buy. I do my best to be professional and respond quickly to everyone.


Now on to the items! I have a bunch of extra stuff that is ready to go: I have been collecting since January and there is a bunch of stuff that I no longer use/want.


Normally I start about 5 different airsoft projects per year, in a variety of scenarios. Out of those, about .5 get finished.


1.) Unknown brand metal M4 Short-length barrel (10 inches)




Unknown brand full-metal barrel. One of the allen bolts is very worn on the adapter that holds in into the rifle, however the barrel itself is sound. May need a little TLC. Asking [$20]


2.) Magpul replica handguard




Meant to look and feel like the traditional MOE handgaurd, it has a nice solid feel. This one obviously has the space and attachments for a motor housing. Version 2. Asking [$13]


3.) M4 All-metal aluminum top rail [13 inches]




A nice rail, has the detent for using a large delta ring. Includes the allen wrench for the hex-bolts on the sides. I had to replace these, and the top set screws as well. In very nice shape, and has a flip-up sight on the back. No threads are stripped. Asking [$30]


4.) Metal delta rings




A nice upgrade. The springs on these are all solid, and I believe one of them came off of a KWA. Asking [$10 per] item. If you want more than one I can be more flexible and pass shipping savings along to you.


5.) Clear polycarbonate pistons




They weigh next to nothing, so I imagined . Something to demo with(?). I clean all my items before storage with degreaser, so these are both grease and rust free. Asking [$3] each


6.) FAB Tactical 9:10 (Standard Airsoft size) Replica Mako Stock






A nice stock: it's almost brand-new. It looks like the day it was made, and has a battery holding compartment at the rear. Even features a small accessory rail on the side, which has no signs of wear. Asking [$25]


7.) Full Metal M4 Lower Reciever w/Selector Switch (version 2) and Buffer Tube. COLT TRADES!





Metal lower reciever. Has a little wear in the magwell, but overall in nice condition. The buffer tube is on very tight, and I don't have to tool to remove it. Comes with the selector switch pre-installed. Also, the bolt-catch lever is compatible with replicas that allow a catching action: hence the lever passes through to the inside for attachments. Not sure of the maker, but it is lightweight and feels like aluminum. No machining marks. Asking [$38]


8.) Plastic (JG/TM) M4 Version 2 Handguard




Your run-of-the mill handguard. Feels like it is inexpensive, but is solid without wear marks from screws. May have been replaced right away. Needs a new home, asking [$10] OBO


9.) Unported airsoft cylinders: rear vented





Unported cylinders with rear "vent" to reduce piston drag. Machine-made vent, not done by hand or in my shop. I have 9 of these total. Asking [$5] each


10.) Airsoft standard-length 6.553" Handguards [black]




(6) total standard M4 handguards. Decent quality from a variety of manufacturers. All of them match nicely with their mate and I will include with each its pair. Asking [$10] a pair OBO


I had to get this listing up work (working the early shift) but if you would like more photos I would be more than happy to send those along.


My response time for a message is normally within 9 hours. I am working 7:30am-6:00pm, but will respond anytime before/after that. I also ship within 3 days of cleared payment or sooner.


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Bump with more items:


11.) G&G Armament "Flex" Collapsible Stock




A very sturdy stock I purchased this here on ASF and never even got to use it. It's clean and has a very strong spring that's even a little tough to pull when adjusting. In fantastic shape and almost new. Asking [$20] OBO


12.) Unmarked Adjustable M4 Stock




A decent stock. Looks unused. Asking [$10] OBO


13.) Assorted polycarbonate/ABS/Polymer Tappet plates




Pretty much self explanitory. The red polycarbonate tappet is slightly worn on the portion from some gear wear. However, all of the parts came from working mechboxes. Asking [$5] apiece.


14.) Stainless Steel Airsoft single-ported cylinders


In fantastic condition, stored grease-free. 100% stainless, which is nice in cold weather due to it's moderately low expansion rate. Asking [$10] each


15.) FAL High Cap Magazine





Almost unused (see pics), full metal. Asking [$7]


16.) Airsoft M4 low-cap magazine




Actually got this is a lot from fellow member [Deltie], unfortunately doesn't fit my rifle. Asking [$1000] OBO



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Does the replica MOE tan grip have an end plate, cap or whatever it's called to keep the battery in?


PM'd above.


Bump for the night with a new box of items from my shelf!




I like to buy parts, and shop on the forum a lot ..... and have crates of these things. These are just ones I no longer want presently. All of these are stock pistons, and none have been modified in any way.


19.) Orange Polycarbonate Pistons




These are some of my favorites, and were $15 new on deleted on sale. I'd like [$4] each. I store everything grease-free and wrapped in bubble wrap.


20.) ABS High-polish smooth white pistons




All nice shape, some of these have a larger opening which would require you to shim them out a bit. They are normally used with a metal washer behind the hole to keep them tight and keep the spring from wearing against the ABS. I should have kept those together (argh). I am asking [$5] each.


21.) Polycarbonate Clear/White Pistons




High strength polycarbonate! Actually retains the same tensile properties as steel (just doesn't have the deformation strength). Asking [$3] each.


22.) Polycarbonate White/Brown Stock pistons




Stock pistons that come with most rifles. May have taken these out to upgrade, but all the teeth are in nice shape and I threw away the 3 that had any nicked teeth. Asking [$3] for each (eight total)


23.) ABS Mid-polish High strength high speed pistons.




These pistons weight next to nothing. They have a nice finish on them, and would be great for some high speed low-drag application. Wish I had time to use all this stuff. Asking [$5] each (two total)


24.) Tokyo Marui compatible 9:10 pistons.




Scaled down ever-so-slightly, as well as being the right size for a locking spring, these are stock TM pistons. Asking [$3] each.


25.) Black Polycarbpnate Pistons




Retail at $15-16 each, almost new condition. Asking [$6] each for these.


26.) Yellow Polycarbonate Piston w/Ball Bearing inside




Title says it all, and in nice shape internally and externally stored without grease. Asking [$10] OBO.


27.) Black Polycarbonate Piston w/Gripped head




Black polycarbonate with teeth on the end for gripping a polycarbonate piston head. Worn teeth. Asking [$2]


28.) White ABS High-polish piston with reinforced teeth





A nice enthusiast's find. Teeth are almost brand-new, and the piston itself is in nice moderately-used condition. Teeth fit in snugly. Asking [$8]


Interested in more than one item? PM me for and I'll try to give discounts on items and/or shipping. (Serious inquiries only please)

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Guest alberty

Why the m4 lowcap is 1000$


This thread stopped activity since last year, please do not post questions in it. If you have a question for such an old thread, send a message to the original user instead.


Also that guy probably put that as a joke. It says "$1000 OBO"

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