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Large Airsoft Event Anyone can come

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So I am scheduled to ship to boot camp in a little over a month and before I do I want to hold a very large airsoft event. At this event I will hold multiple games and a cookout lunch break. I am thinking like a $10 admission to cover food and to help support the event. You could come if your just looking for a big game to play or if you even just want to meet other teams and other airsoft/milsim enthusiast. I am not distributing to many details until I have an idea of how many people would want to come. I would like to have a few games played but I want them to be milsim based I may hold some regular team deathmatch style games just for those who want something simple. The area we will be playing in is surrounded by woods and within these woods there is a scrap metal junk yard, small abandon underground bunker, tiny log cabin, abandon trailer, and numerous abandon construction scrap and junk scattered. I will post pictures later. in the center of the playing area there is a peninsula surrounded by a deep "canyon" if you will and then it goes back up on the other side to form a ridge surrounding the bunker. The bunker and junk yard will be the 2 key points in the area I may set up other bases on top of the ridge.


What you need:


-own ammo

-2 red dead rags

-at minimal full eye seal protection

-$10 all day admission


You must be at least 12 years old to play and you must sign a wavier. During this event there will be no engagement minimum distance and no fps limit. So please for the love of god dress appropriately. If you are interested comment on here or go to facebook and join the "battle for bunker hill airsoft event" group for constant updates. The link is here"https://www.facebook.com/events/732430813502384/". The place is located in Sykesville Maryland. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1468163830122354/

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Here is the official release wavier if you are under the age of 18 you can print this out and get it signed by your parents and come to the event with it in hand. Anyone above the age of 18 feel free to do the same thing so you don't have to fill one out when you get here.

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