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Alien Airsoft High Speed Motor

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Alien Airsoft High Speed Motor Review

Hello forum! Today I will be reviewing the Alien Airsoft High Speed Motor. In this review, we will go through the motor's packaging and performance out of the box (or bag, in this case). Performance will be focused on the trigger response and ROF.



Comes in a plastic bag. Done. Picture below.



First impressions:

First thing I noticed when taking this motor out of the box was that everything that contained iron sticks to it when it comes into contact, ranging from the gearbox motor cage to some screws. Just to show how strong the magnets are, here is a picture of a keychain being supported only by the motor's magnet inside of the gun's grip.



Also, the motor had a red dot on the post of the motor spring that is closest to the positive plug. It is industry standard, but still a nice feature .



And, just for reference, here is the motor inside the motor cage. Note that it has a red endbell with a silver can, leading to some people to suspect it is a rebrand of King Arms or ZCI. I have yet to testify.




With the motor installed, I quickly rushed to test it out and the first thing I noticed when trying it out with a 9.6 volt battery was that the trigger response was instantaneous, along with the ROF which went up to 20 RPS which is around 66% more RPS than stock. Testing with a 8.4v battery gave less significant results,with 15 RPS compared to stock 11 RPS (around 36% increase) with a okay trigger response.



Stock Motor, Partial Charge:

Upgraded motor, Partial Charge:

Upgraded motor, full charge:


All tests preformed with:

  • 8.4v battery and 9.6v battery (battery swap also in video)
  • M100 spring (stock)
  • 18:0 gears (stock again)

As you could see here, the motor gave a crisp trigger response and ROF.



I would recommend this motor as it is avalible from UN company for just $19 USD right now (http://www.uncompany.com/pageproductdetails.asp?prodid=35064) and even at non-discounted price ($33 USD), it preforms well against it's competition (eg. The GP2000 speed motor) at a similar price.

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Great review. Only complaint I have is that maybe you should just list the links to the video instead of showing them since it takes up less space and looks a bit more professional. I currently have the fastest gun on the team but if that ever changes, this looks like the motor to look at.

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