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Upper receiver to 14mm CCW thread

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Hey guys!


I just watched a video on YouTube by SamAndNiko where they built a polarstar where the upper receiver didn't have an outer barrel but only a suppressor attached to it.

Here's the link:

Now my question is if there's a piece on the market which allows me to attach a silencer directly to the upper receiver.

If that's not the case does someone know what thread size a standard upper receiver has so I might be able to find an adapter somewhere else?


Thanks to everyone in advance!

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Guest alberty

Are you sure there's no outer barrel and that that's only a mock suppressor attachment?


I think that what they did instead is either:


- Short outer barrel + long mock suppressor which has its internal threads starting halfway in

- Some specific thin tube handguard that has an outer barrel of similar length hidden in it


If they didn't actually use an outer barrel, the hop-up unit and inner barrel assembly would have room to wiggle around, potentially causing significant problems with feeding and accuracy.

Edited by alberty

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