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FS: AOR1 JPC, Plate Carriers, PTS M4 Supressor, MS3, Flash Mags, & More!

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I've decided to sell some stuff to make room for more toys as well as needing the cash for other projects. You guys all know the drill. All items work flawlessly and are in great to excellent condition.


I am not interested nor will I entertain trades of any kind, Sorry guys. Cash is King! Well Paypal is King!! Lol. That being said, I will only accept Paypal and I will not hold items longer than 48hrs for a buyer who has committed to purchasing an item. 48hrs is plenty of time to allocate necessary funds.


All prices include shipping so please do not ask me to lower the prices. If you want a lower price, you must pay shipping.


On to the listing.....





TMC AOR1 JPC w/SAPI Plates and matching Magpul AOR1 MS3 Sling. It has an internal compartment that can hold 3 M4 mags SOLD




Condor Gunner Plate Carrier TAN (Hydration Carrier & Bladder Not Included), but all other pouches are $90 Shipped




PTS ACC M4 Suppressor (Non-US Version) with T51 Counter Clockwise Flash Hider. Very hard to find. Especially the non-us version. SOLD




4 Flash Mags (Airsoft Extreme Brand) they feed and work flawlessly, 2 Classic Army Hicap Mags also feel flawlessly. All 6 for $50 Shipped



WE M&P Full-Auto with extra mag. Guns shoots perfectly in semi and full auto. Mags do NOT leak at all SOLD





Genuine Magpul PTS MBUS FDE SOLD

APS Rhino Flip Up sights $30 Shipped



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Parts Sold:

TMC AOR1 JPC with matching AOR1 MS3 Sling

FDE Genuine PTS MBUS Sights

PTS ACC Suppressor with T51 Flash


Still Available:

APS Rhino Flip Up Sights

Condor Cyclone Plate Carrier with pouches (excluding hydration bladder)

WE M&P Full Auto with extra mag

4 Hicap Flash Mags

2 Classic Army Hicaps

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