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10% price drop - EI, TT, TAG, HSGI, Maxpedition, Emdom, Esstac, PIG

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Unloading most of my gear. Prices include PP and shipping, unless FTF in Phoenix. Items are listed top to bottom, left to right.


10/27 - Take 10% off all items!


The packs:

Camelbak BFM w/ bnib bladder - $125 - dropped price.


Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger - $90


EI Yote in CB. Hard/expensive to find - $225


Camelbak 3l hydro (straps cut to attach 1" webbing to EI chest rig below) - $15




The rigs:

EI active shooter chest rig, KH - $65


TT split MAV in OD w/ padded harness - $100


EI RRV in KH - $120


TAG Xerxes in CB - $90


Genuine SADF M83 in Nutria Brown. Well operated in. - $75




Belts, slings, holsters:


TAG 2 point sling - $15


Magpul MS3 sling - $40


BHI black rigger's belt - $20


SERPA dropleg, P226 - $75


SERPA CQC w/ duty belt drop, belt and molle mounts, P226 - $55


LBT universal dropleg, MC - $35


HSGI sure grip padded belt:

OD w/o inner belt - $65

CB w/Cobra rigger's belt - $80




Tactical threads:


Genuine MC Massif Combat shirt/pants L/R - $90


DCU, M/R, 2x shirt, 1x pants - $25


Desert Tiger 100% cotton M/R, ripped and patched - $15


Genuine DESPAT FROG shirt - $30


Woodland, 1x DIY combat shirt, 2x pants M/R - $25






TT 3l Hydro, OD - $15


Esstac rip away med pouch, OD - $40


TT double M4 in RG - $15


Emdom GPS pouch - $35


PIG 2l hyrdo OD $55


All TACOs sold.



small tactile, rollypoly, large radio, M4 shingle, 2x pistol/light, all OD - $15 ea


TAG map/intel armband CB - $25


5x knockoff pouches - free with any other item ea.


Marz tactical GP in CB - $30




Bonus round, ESS Advancers w/clear, smoke lenses - $50


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