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Why you should wear full face at a "Big Boys Game"

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Sadly this is inevitable.
have seen lost tooth from ricochets... numinous bleeders and 3rd nipples.
I myself have caught bb's in the ear hole... mouth... between my fingers (last sunday) and even in my belly button, although probably fell there and got stuck in fluff. lol.
Iuckliy no real damage, although in the ear hole is painful as fk!
But I do have scars on my arms and legs from supposedly low power models in indoor games.
Although only injected plastic I seen was in a "safe zone" a sniper rifle was discharged into someones arm at near point blank range.
Doesn't happen often But irreverent of that, right power, right angle, right fleshy body part... this is inevitable.

Actually worse I have received was center forehead hit from a 2.4Joule gun ...at 5m
Was wearing a ninja T-shirt and it put a hole through the material.
Removed my t-shirt and instantly a stream of blood run down my face.... very drammatical. (Like Fatal BOOM Hollywood head shot)
Although I got over it, it did leave me with head aches for a couple weeks.

But the best thing here... was good to see he "took it on the... chin" and continued like a normal fun day out with friends! ;)


I did start my airsoft in the back yard with 6 friends, springers, and no eye protection,
but luckly one learns quickly... and now I only wear full face protection.... and feel naked without out it. ;)

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Unfortunately I do not really play many indoor games (as much as I would like to) but If I did I would wear full face all the times. Although I have on occasion gone outdoors with the goggles and some sort of soft face cover, majority of the times I do full mask outside as well since I would not like this to happen to me any time soon.

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