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Riptide's I-Make-Too-Many-Impulse-Purchases Sale!

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Have too much crap, must get rid of. Prices are negotiable, but don't lowball or I will treat you with equal disrespect. All prices do not include shipping.




ICS SIG 551 AEG, one of the nicest gearboxes I've ever worked on. Properly shimmed + AoE adjusted, shoots around 350FPS on 0.25's. Comes with:



Original box

Some kind of PEQ box

Crusader MB556 Flash Hider

ICS Optic Rail

8.4v 1100mah NiMH Battery

1x 500rnd HiCap Magazine


Asking $160.




VFC Robinson Arms XCR-M (short version). Traded this heavily on impulse, was told the lower contains upgrades. I have not taken it apart to confirm, but I can only assume it is so (buyer can request a confirmation if he really wants). The paint is slightly scuffed/worn at locations of handling, which seems to have been done by the previous owner. Gun works fine, the hopup's a bit damaged but it will included a newly installed E1 XCR hopup unit. Note the flash hider nor the IndexClips are included, but the KAC PDW-style sights are. Includes:



KAC PDW sights

7.4v 1300mah Turnigy NanoTech Lipo

1x 300rnd G&P Skull HiCap


Asking $275.




HK3P G17 FDE Gen3. Received this from a friend, but I honestly do not need 4 Glocks. Works perfectly out of the box, full trademarks (same OEM as WE, but without retarded WE-Tech trades) since it was bought from HK. Includes a GunsModify SAI Trigger, however it's stuck on it since the set screws can't be removed. The original trigger is included should you decide to attempt to swap it. Includes:



2x magazines

SAI trigger (installed)

Stock trigger (in box)


Asking $160.




5KU VTAC UltraLight Foregrip, way too large for my builds. $15

TSC Gear Sector Foregrip, way too small for my builds. $10

TSC Gear Sector RIS Handstop. $10

Action 15mm x 200mm ST "Simth" Suppressor. Went on my PX4, but the PX4 was traded a while back, no foam inside. $15




Radioshack 45W Soldering Iron, lightly used. Includes original packaging + stand thingy. $5

X-Charger B6 Multi-Charger + Power Supply. Perfect for balance charging lipos. I've used this for 3+ years, served me very well but I'm switching to a more powerful charger. I'll include more charging adapters once I find them, but two small issues - the backlight is not working, and the fan makes an obnoxious noise when it starts charging (it goes away after ~30s or so). Still balance charges lipos very well. Asking $40.


More to come, please PM me for inquiries. Paypal accepted only. Thanks for looking!

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SIG sold.


Adding a few more items:






Maruzen/Umarex PPK/S + 5 NIB Mags (total 6 mags). I would love to put an SD kit on it, but money is tight and I can always get another copy in the future. Gun has never been skirmished with, just minor plinking. Safety lever is unfortunately broken (replacement pieces can be bought off UNCompany for $5), but the gun still works perfectly.


Asking $175 shipped (VERY firm on this price).




NIB Super Shooter 100:300 V2/3 Gearset. Never used, I got 3 sets when a store was closing down. $20 shipped.


ASG/Maple Leaf EVO2 TBB + Hopup for KWA USP Tactical. Bought for my KWA Mk23, turned out too short (thanks for the :pain: info Evike). $30 shipped.

One more addition for the day, since I magically managed to fix this thing.






KSC Mk23 GBB. I believe this is the first version (it differs from my 2005 HardKick model), but it actually works, surprisingly. Comes with one mag and an installed KM 1950 Head 130% hammer spring (shoots about 260FPS with 0.25's). Comes also with a light rail adapter mount (IMO it's ugly, but I have no need for one). Asking $120 shipped, this is pretty firm.


Thanks for looking!

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