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Your favorite gun from any video game?

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The Tau gun and the gluon gun from the first Half Life. For you folks who may have been too young and didn't look back to the classics, the tau gun let you charge it up at a higher ammo cost for a powerful shot that could kill stuff through walls and the gluon gun gibbed stuff all over the place.


Kinda makes me wanna play again see you fellas later.

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Of games I've actually played?

Probably the Bullseye from Resistance: Fall of Man. That or the Folsom M5a2 Carbine from the same series. Both were my rifles of choice in Resistance 1&2 (never got or played #3). Gotta love the Bullseye's secondary-fire option of tagging an OPFOR to have your shots home in on them even if you're not aiming at them.

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