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Hello, fellow forum members and friends, thank you for supporting me. I thought I get back into the airsoft business a bit longer. I would like to bring these exclusive parts to anyone who is interested. Limited quantities available, I will upload it to the airsoft forums so the forum members can get the first pick. After a few days I will upload them online for everyone to grab.

All prices are shipped.

If you have any questions please PM me.

If you are looking to trade please PM me. Not interested in springer, gears, and most AEGs.

Do not flame this thread, if there is a problem please PM me.

Daniel Defense Lite Rail 7 Inch - $70


Daniel Defense Lite Rail 9 Inch - $83


Daniel Defense MK18 Rail 7 Inch - $77


Daniel Defense Omega Rail 7 Inch - $70


Daniel Defense Omega Rail 12 Inch - $98


HK416 SMR Rail 10.5 Inch - $90


Knight Armament URX CQB Rail 9 Inch - $50


Knight Armament URX 3 Rail 8 Inch - $81


Knight Armament URX 4 Rail 8.5 Inch - $70


Knight Armament URX 4 Rail 14.5 Inch - $94


Midwest Industries Tactical Rail 12.5 Inch - $98


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