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DIY PBS-1-ish Suppressor Build (tutorial)

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This is going to be a little pic-heavy, so bear with me.


I was walking through my local hardware store yesterday, and I chanced upon something that changed my life. Well, maybe not my life... but it changed my evening! And so, I give you my quick and dirty tutorial on how to make a PBS1-style suppressor for your Eastern Bloc AEG or GBBR.


1. Buy two PVC drainpipes with flanges. The ones I chose are 40mm diameter for the inner (Small Pipe), and 50mm for the outer pipe (Big Pipe). You will want to get the kind with a rubber gasket in the flange.




2. Pull out the gasket from the flange of the inner pipe. You will use this to shim the narrow end of the inner barrel in the wider end of the outer barrel.




3. You also need this PVC pipe connector thing. The inner diameter is 25mm, outer diameter is almost big enough to be a perfect slip-fit in the inner pipe. You can shim it with some electrical tape. After I got it to where I needed it, I used 2 small screws to lock it in place and prevent it from shifting in Small Pipe.




4. As you can see here, the flared end of Small Pipe fits perfectly in narrow end of Big Pipe. You may need to use a wrap or two of electrical tape here to make it a really snug fit.




5. Here you can see how the rubber gasket is used to shim the Small Pipe in the Big Pipe. Just use a wooden chopstick or a Phillips screwdriver to jam it in there. Solid.




6. Heres what the "butt" end of the suppressor ends up looking like. Pretty rough, but hey, I banged this thing out in like an hour - I'll probably sit down and sand the rough edges eventually. If youre fancy, you can make an endcap out of something that will cover the gap.




7. Other end of suppressor. Im not in the US, so I can actually have little foam rings in mine without the ATF going medival on me, but if youre in the US kiddos, avoid that and make yours totally hollow. Im still thinking on the best way to make an endcap.




8. SIze comparison! Stock AKS74U flash hider compared to this PBS1.




9. A pic of the suppressor on the gun itself!




10. I made an endcap by simply cutting out a ring of PVC sheet and drilling a hole in it, and gluing it into the end of the pipe. Paint it up with flat black paint and scuff it with a bit of sandpaper, and it looks OK!






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