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Lots of really nice items for FREE

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Seeing as I don't play airsoft anymore I don't really need any of these things. I am not asking for money, all I ask is a few dollars to ship the items and I will gladly give these away free of charge. I do however, ask that you ONLY take these if you will ACTUALLY USE THEM!


Xcortech chronograph


Li-Po batteries. Mostly big ones, 11.1v 2-30+c, 2-3000+mAh. Also have a smaller 7.4 and a monster 14.8v 5000mAh for extremely high speed or high power AEGs


Airsoft Inovations Propane adaptor


Eagle Industries A-III backpack in ranger green. Has some wear and tear but hey its free right?


TAG double stack triple mag pouch ranger green (open top with bungie retention, holds 6 AR15 mags total)


Tru-Spec Multicam combat shirt, I think size small.


Try-Spec Multicam BDU uniform. Medium top, I think medium long pants.


Woodland bdu pants. I think medium long.


Its free but I suppose if you want pictures just ask.


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