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UNCompany's legitimacy?

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Hey guys, I'm just wondering, Is Uncompany any good of a website? their design is so scam looking in my opinion. But, do you know how their customer service is too? F****** ehobbyasia sent me a lemon of an arms revolution kg9 and I'd have to pay to ship it back for a new one. I know redwolf is good because I've ordered from them but some of their stuff tends to be out of stock. And UN tends to have more. The reason why I buy some of my guns off over seas sites is because they have more, trust me I went to my local airsoft store looking for a TM M92 and all they had was that APS glock thing, and elite force pistols and KWA pistols. So, is UN reliable?

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Very few US retailers stock TM... Get used to that.


UNCompany is good at what they do... Up there with the other major retailers. eHobby is losing my satisfaction, I won't be ordering from them again... You'll be fine with UN.

Thank you, and yeah they will not be recieving my money again eHobby.

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