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WTS: Custom m40, Upgraded G&G mid-length m4, Powder Coating, Vinyl Decals

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Need to fund a laptop purchase in the next week or so as mine is taking a dive on me right during the middle of my senior design project.



- Payment by Paypal

- I describe items as is, refunds will be on a case by case basis for extreme circumstances

- It is the BUYERS responsibility to buy insurance, once it is out of my hands it is not my responsibility.



Custom m40


This gun is worth a lot more than I am asking for it, but it appears that the appreciation of a nice bolt action rifle is leaving this sport. I have spent countless hours on this rifle, molding and shaping the stock to get a truly custom rife built. The internals are in fantastic shape with less than 500rds fired since it was built. I have never fielded this rifle as it sits now. I will give a fresh coat of paint on the rifle if the buyer desires.


- JG VSR base

- Custom m40 stock

- ASGI Zero Trigger

- Masume Teflon Cylinder

- Stainless cylinder head

- ASGI m170

- ASGI Steel spring guide

- EDGI 6.01 Tightbore

- KA VSR bucking

- I believe I R-hopped this, but it has been so long since I built it that I cannot remember.

- 4 mags

- UTG Harris Bipod


Asking $275 (Worth over $550 in parts plus the labor to construct)









Upgraded G&G m4


This started life as an ASGI G4 rifle. Swapped a few rifles I had lying around and this one ended up with an Evike lower receiver and a Noveske 12.5" RIS with a 1 piece 14" outer. Has a stainless barrel in it, cant comment on brand for sure, wired to deans in the rear. don't really want to sell this one, but if someone pays my asking price I can let it go to fund the computer.


Asking $190


Does not include MBUS, AFG, or rail covers.











Some of you might be interested in this service to give a bit of a custom feel to your guns or accessories. Powder coat can be applied to anything metal and there is an extremely broad range of colors to choose from. It is leaps and bounds more durable than spray paint and is an excellent choice if you desire the type of finish that comes stock on replicas.


The price for this varies greatly depending on the piece being done, the color chosen, and the current state of the part. I do everything from sandblasting to prep work to coating the parts. For example, an average m4 receiver set with stock paint and normal wear and tear would cost around $35 to get blasted and coated with a flat black.


Here are some examples of pieces I have coated recently.














Vinyl Decals


I also offer vinyl decal cutting services as well. These are high quality decals cut from sign vinyl which is rated for 5+ Years exposure outside. I have personally used these on vehicle windows, interior walls, mirrors, refrigerators, tv trim, workbenches, tool boxes, etc and they hold up fantastic.


If you have an image file that you would like to turn into a high quality decal, message me. Get some decals made for your team logo, or just a simple saying for your car.


Again, price varies greatly based on image size, complexity, and number of decals. For example, the "WMU Riding Network" shown below would cost $6 for just one decal in that size.


Colors in stock (can get tons more):

- Matte Black

- Matte White

- Matte Teal

- Gloss Red

- Gloss Pink

- Gloss Yellow









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