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WE PMC Wood Stock?

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Hi guys, I'm looking into getting the WE PMC AK but I hate the look of the tactical AK I think it's stupid. I'd get the WE AK74u but I'm tall and have long arms and the 74u doesn't feel comfortable at all to me. I know GHK makes a wood AK but its so expensive and 9/10 times is out of stock on a US site. So will the PMC take real steel AK stocks and handguards?

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Takes real steel, AKM to be specific. You just need to sand down a few high spots. Same with the handguard around the retaining cap. Also you'll need a gas tube (WGC has E&L ones) as the one on the PMC is an Ultimak.


edit: you'll also be needing a Hephaestus steel kit in the long run. RATech is just garbage. And reinforce the trigger box with epoxy early on before it breaks. It's towards the last few fages. http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/199502-we-aks-74un-first-impressions-pic-heavy/

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