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* ALL $150 Shipped* [WTS] *Prices OBO* VFC URX rail, Stocks, Barrels, more

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*Will now sell all available for $150 SHIPPED*


Hey everyone, I have some externals and internals to sell that came out of my VFC M4ES Lancer. I'm a chairsofter as they call it since there aren't many places to play around me, so I didn't field these parts much, maybe 2-3 times. Excuse my poor photography. If you want more pics just ask!


  • PayPal only
  • Items sold as is.
  • Shipping is included in the price of the items
  • Will either ship UPS Ground or most likely USPS out of 55906
  • Please allow me at most 4 business days after payment is received to ship your items.
  • I NEVER ship first
  • CONUS only please
  • If you need to contact me and the forum isn't working email me at >lin.calbert&lt;AT&gt;gmail.com<
  • No trades accepted

Onto the sale!

1. VFC EG-1300 High Performance Torque Motor- as the name implies, the stock VFC motor from their E-series. Decent, torquey motor. Again seen about 1000 rnds, replaced with a Tienly.
$25 $20 shipped

2. VFC 16:1 Self-shimming Gears- stock gear set, 16:1 ratio is the stock ratio for VFC. Like the motor seen about 3000rnds replaced with SHS 13:1. Still has all the springs and the sector chip.


3. VFC 20in Outer Barrel- As stated 20in barrel for AEG. I had to dremel off the barrel nut and the outer barrel got a little cut in the processes. However it still mounts fine. There aren't any major marks visible once a rail is installed. It also has the grub screw system so you can put on your existing VFC 2-piece outer barrels if you can't get the barrel nut off. Has cuts for gas blocks at rifle length.
$25 $20 shipped


4. VFC 6.05mm Brass Barrel and Bucking (flat-hopped)- 509mm 6.05mm brass barrel. Comes with the stock bucking that I flat hopped. I was getting about 3.5in groups with .20s at 100ft with this setup, up to your interpretation on how good that is.
$25 $20 shipped

5. VFC Full Stock- For AEG, comes with all the mounting hardware and the endplate. No blemishes, can hold a huge battery.
$30 $25 shipped

6. VFC KAC Style Flip-up Front Sight- As the name implies. You will need cuts on the outer barrel to make it fit with the punch pins, but there is also a grub screw on the bottom. Marked up where the punch pins got the best of me.
$25 $20 $15 shipped


7. VFC Crane Stock- This didn't come off my gun, I bought it in Taiwan. The right side tab broke off, but no other blemishes. Doesn't come with a buffer tube.

8. VFC KAC 12.7in URX Rail- Best for last. This is the rail system off the gun. Comes with all the mounting hardware (brand new barrel nut straight from VFC) and the three KAC style rail covers. There are only tiny paint chips where there was a bipod mounted and a scratch on the back (see pics), otherwise the rail is in great condition. (rest of the stuff in the pic is dust and glare)
$85 $80 shipped

Also, I have a VFC metal body (upper and lower) that I am willing to sell ONLY if you are willing to pay top dollar ($120+) for it, since it is ridiculously hard to find anywhere that has them in stock. PM for more info.

Here's a pic of everything put together for reference

Again if you have any questions or want to see more pictures, please feel free to PM or email me!

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