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WTS> Magpul Pts Masada, Custom Mag-k, Stoner-99, and a Few bits.

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Everything is here in 54155 Wi. And are owned by me. Nothing's been abused. but any and all issues will be noted to ensure a smooth worry free transaction.


I do have a Few rules though..



-My prices are listed as Or Best Offer, So im not rock solid on everything

-Payment only Through Paypal as a Goods/Services Transactions.

-if Trading, I request that you ship first, unless you have a good reason too

-All shipping from my end will come full insured, and Tracked, and I hope you will do the same

-Shipping is not included in pricing, but I will not gouge you with it, Only shipping to the CON-US atm.

-I can Make proof of operation video's, or take additional pictures at the request of the buyer/trader


Now that thats over....


sorry but spent about 10 mins trying to get the note to appear w/flash on, with flash off nothing was really visable, still placed the paper with each individual item.


Rail Systems!


from the top to the bottom

CQBR Build.

-HurricanE Marine M4 Reciver $120

-G&P Noveske 10" RIS Sold

-ACM 10.5" inner barrel, $15, Compensator Sold

-Classic Army Vltor E-mod Crane stock $40

-Krebs Custom KCI AK Railsystem. (fits on JG, CA, VFC, and late model Cyma Ak's) $80

-ACM URX I $30

-G&P 553 Eotech Clone, W/ Steel sheild $60



Pistols >:D




From left to right


-Umarex Co2 NBB USP

comes with 3 mags, was used for wintersoft




-Socom Gear Double Star 1911




-3hk Px4 Berreta Storm.

Bought it as spur of the moument thing.

Needs a new Hop-up chamber (We/Tm compatable).

Comes with a non leaking mag, and a PDI 6.01mm 99?mm Length Tightbore... Its been awhile don't remeber the exact length







JG-Mag K



the FDE Version with a Steel Reciver

Comes with some External modifications

Such as

PTS Us Palm AK Series Battle Grip (BEST ACCESIORY EVER FOR AK's)

Classic Army Licsenced Krebs Custom Magwell Flange,

Extended Magazine Catch+Trigger Guard,

Krebs Speed Load Selector plate

Classic Army Tango Down Rail Panels

PTS magpul AFG-2

Krytac Enhanced Crane Stock

552 Eotech, (Not a real one, But older Hurricane Model)

Big Dragon AAC M4-2000 Set, with Trademarks.



Madbull 6.01 Aircraft Aluminum 363mm Tightbore

SHS Hop-up unit

Madbull Orange bucking+H nub

Tokyo Marui V3 Gearbox shell, Cylinder, cylinder head, tappet plate, 6mm Steel bushings

CA Air seal nozzle

G&P High pressure half steel racked piston with G&p Explosive Piston head

Ball bearing spring Guide as well.

SHS M120 mainspring

18:1 Gearset, with a Delayer Chip. (Franken Gearset, but Steel all around with a 5 notched bevel)

Cyma v3 Motor Cage

Guarder Infinite Torque up Motor


Have not chrono'd it yet. Feeds Beautifully, but my chrono died prior to being able to chrono this one. Have one coming in the mail though.....

intended it for being my back up aeg to my Polarstar.

Comes with 7 C.105 Midcaps, 4 of which have been moded to fit Ranger plates (haven't bougt them yet).


Assuming its shooting 370-410 FPS, as the performance I got out of it while test feeding.


Asking $550 as configured, Might be willing to part out a few things like the sight/AAC set, but the rest of the gun is going as it's own.




Ares KAC Stoner 96 (99 Configuration)


Not much to say. but when I bought it, did not have the spring for the lock tab on the stock. ended up making one, then using a fabric rear sling mount for an extra precaution.

As obvious in the picture, Removed the Exsisting Steel Stock, for a Mil-spec Buffer Tube for use with various stocks (currently has an Echo-1 Felt Crane Stock on it)

the origninal power connector for the gearbox to box-mag Broke. due to a botched factory solder job. I changed the contacts out for JST connectors.

Will come as pictured, with the UWRC Real-Steel G23 Installed, the KAC style rail panels on the Ris, the Magpul AFG, one Tan Box mag, and the CW Madbull, Noveske Branded Krinkov Adjustable Flash hider.


Was last Chrono'ed at 351 fps (.25 Gram bb's) and ran fine on 9.6v sticks, or with a short extention lipo bricks housed in the box mag.


Asking $375


Magpul PTS Proline ACR


Unfortunatlly my camera's flash is not working atm, so these are older images, Still of my Masada.




PTS Masada (Two Toned. Serial MPTS01231)



Stock is pinned shut. the orignal stock button Broke. Didn't see too much sence in a Folding Stock on a CQB Masada.


Upgrades/Internal/external work



G&P Vltor Flash hider
11.5" CQB Barrel assembly
G&P Ladder Cover's
PTS Rear Sling Mount
PTS FDE Rail Kit
PTS XDM's, and a Short Ares KAC Grip
PTS Rear Gen 1 Magpul Sight
Two toned with PTS Proline parts, No SV parts anywhere period. (anything swapable was swapped), Old Bottom grip plate was from a Bingo Polarstared Masada, Unfortunatlly. had to part out the Engine long ago when I was unemployed. (like... 2 years ago).



Stock PTS Inner Barrel
Prommy Purple Bucking
Flat .8-.9mm Spacer for the Hop-up adjustment nub

Gearbox Innards (about 2k rounds though this gearbox, 80 on the new Core Nozzle)
Core Airseal Nozzle (both o-rings installed)
Systema V2 Cylinder head
VFC piston head w/ #14 O-ring
SHS 14 Tooth Piston
SHS M120 Spring
G&P/Modify 8mm Bearings
12:1 SHS Gen 4 Gearset w/ Steel Delayer Chip
ZCI High Torque Motor (22 TPA, Neo magnet motor)

Wired to Deans.

Chrono's at 357 on .25's on my F-1 Shooting Chrony.

Tosses .25's accuratlly out to 200-210 Feet. (Accual Range test, no estimation)




And agian thank you for your time, and sorry for the Picture storm/Walls of Text.

Edited by J-man

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