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WTS: CQB m4, motor disk shims (bulk), and Powder Coating

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Picked this up and completely rebuilt it for its new owner. With a JG body, one piece outer barrel, and RIS unit, this gun is very solid for the price. Internally it has a complete Maverick tune up package coupled with 16 AWG teflon wire and Deans wired to the rear. The gearbox turns over incredibly smooth for stock level parts and shoots right under 350 FPS, perfect for indoor use.
- Built m4
Price: $90
I also offer powder coating services for all of your metal parts. Powder coat feels much more like an oem finish and is leaps and bounds more durable than spray paint. The cost for this will vary depending on the size and complexity of the part, so reach out for any quoting.
I handle all aspects of coating from the initial sandblasting and stripping, prep work, spraying with powder, and the final baking of the parts.
There is a very very broad range of colors that can be utilized.
These are the little disks that sit under the motor to allow for motor adjustments. The small hole that is present in the disks is offset and does not affect anything. A much better alternative than trying to make your own disk every time you lose one.
Price: $.50 each


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