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Jacob Mortensen

Tier One kit

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Here's my kit. It's changed a bit since the photos were taken but you get the overall idea.

I borrowed the Rhino mount and PVS14 for the shoot - currently rocking an ANVIS mount and LPBP. Also, the JPC setup is a bit different but with the same pouches.

It's not an impression but with inspiration from DEVGRU and CAG.

You can see more pics of my team and me on our Instagram profile JSOC_DK








Crye Precision G3 combat pants (MC)
Crye Precision AC combat shirt (sand)/Vertx gunfighter shirt (MC)/Arc'teryx LEAF Alpha Jacket (crocodile)
Salomon Quest 4d
Mechanix realtree gloves
Mesh buff (MC)
ESS Crossbow
Suunto Vector Military (foliage green)
US IR patches
1st line
Arc'teryx LEAF H-150 belt (MC)
- Phoenix holster (MC)
- Cold Steel Recon Tanto
- 6x red chemlights
2nd line
Crye JPC (MC)
- Crye MBITR pouch (MC)
- Crye roll up dump pouch (MC)
- Emdom GPS pouch (MC)
- Pre-MSA Paraclete double pistol mag pouch (SG)
- ATS Antidote hydration carrier (MC)
- 2x Pre-MSA Paraclete single flash bang pouch (SG)
Ops Core Basejump (MC)
- Ops Core mesh cover (MC)
- Surefire helmet light
- S&S Manta*
- Mini counter weight pouches (AOR1)
- Sordin ARC adapters*
- Sordin Milspec
- Rhino mount (borrowed)
- PVS14 Omni 7 (borrowed)
3x 30rnd M4 mags with Magpuls
1x Glock mag
Leatherman Juice Xe6 multitool
3x IR chemlights
Jumbo US patch
US flag
PRC-152* (with Wouxun KG-UVD1p)
BHI 3 liter hydration bladder
U/94 PTT
Misc. medic gear
Primary weapon (not pictured)
- Old school Colt stock w/John Mason pad
- G-grip with SureFire 6p
- AN/PEQ2* w/downlead to G-grip
- KAC silencer*
- LaRue 1.93 SPR mount*
- Spencer 1-4x24 shortdot
- ACE sling mount
- VTAC padded sling
Secondary weapon
KSC Glock 17
To come
Crye AOR1/MC M4 mag pouch
Swap green pouches with AOR1/MC pouches
Kydex holster in MC
PRC-148 dummy modded with correct plugs
S&S V-lite

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