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WTS Youth Engineering MP5A3, BestGun MRP, Tanio Koba USP F/A, Tokyo Marui G18C, Marui Spas 12 stock+hook, and MORE!

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Here’s a few rules about the sale:

  • The only payment I would take is through PayPal.


  • I will ship items ASAP


  • If you do not agree with the prices, send me an offer for anything.


  • The prices do not include shipping unless it’s stated in the sale of that item

A few items that I have an interest in trading for (but not limited to):


-Prime/Viper/Inokatsu/Iron Airsoft/Bomber WA system receiver

-Silver or chrome metal slide/frame for TM M9 (Zeke)

-TM 1911 slide/frame (Nova, Prime, PGC etc)

-TM P226 slide/frame (Prime, PGC, Creation etc)

-Tanio Koba USP parts

-Classics (Escorts, Sun Project, JAC, Asahi, Sheriff)


Now onto the sale!


Rifles/Long Arms


Testing the waters on the following items: Youth Engineering MP5A2/A3




Here is an old but fantastically crafted classic. Will come with only one mag and I believe it is still in the break-in period. It is barely used with almost no wear on the internals. It is missing a small piece on the top of the MP5. Currently in the process of converting it into an Escort. No physical work done yet and currently modeling the parts for CNC/3D printing. Will come with the A3 retractable stock if I still have it, otherwise will be sold as an A2.







Best Gun MRP Complete 14.5 inch tan kit $325 OBO


Here is a fairly rare MRP kit made by Best Gun. Features a 10 inch monolithic RIS and a quick change barrel assembly. The gearbox is a SRC 8mm bearing gearbox with silver low resistance wiring, Marui high cycle gears and piston, and a G&P M120 motor. Current FPS is within the range of 300-325 at about 27 RPS. The build quality is nice and the upper has minimal wobble. Will come with a tan metal midcap with the ranger plate.











Testing the waters on the following items: Tanio Koba USP #1, Marui G18C




Here is one TK USP with the rare full auto unit, a metal outer barrel TWO extended 60 round mags. Hasn’t seen too much use and was a spare to my main TK USP if that one ever fails. Full auto works beautifully and both mags do not leak.











All stock TK USP that I intended to keep as a parts USP. My main has not broken down on me at all and thus I have no use for this one at the moment. It will come with two gen.2 standard mags (solid black casings).







Tokyo Marui G18C $400 OBO


A mildly used GBB G18C with 3 extended 50rd mags and 4 G17 mags.Currently the rotor is chipped and semi works most of the time while full auto will occasionally work. Looking to get a replacement rotor to fix the issue. All mags are genuine TM and have Glock trades.












Testing the waters on the following item(s): N/A


SPAS 12 folding stock and hook - SOLD

-A genuine TM folding stock and hook in good condition. Unfortunately it does not have the stock button or mounting screws, but I might be able to source the button from a KTW SPAS, have the button made with a 3D printer or send you the files for it to print at a local 3D printer.


ACM Aimpoint comp M3 with M4 riser mount N/A

-Painted green/black by the original owner. Brightness and dot adjustment works as it should.


Tokyo Marui MP5/G3 high rise scope mount $20 OBO


UTG Quad Rail, G&P Delta ring and Triangle sight $30 OBO


New and unused spare Prime LR300 Upper $100 OBO


G&P WOC buffer tube with crane stock $35 OBO


Sheriff M4 LRB $50 OBO


G&P WOC 14.5 steel outer barrel, steel, flash hider and hop-up base with inner barrel $60 OBO


Aluminum 14.5 AEG outer barrel with tri prong flash hider - SOLD










Items will be added in later posts!


Possible items: Hidakaya SR15 receiver, Tanio Koba 10/22, VFC MP5A3, Marui SPAS 12 with stock+hook and more!


Thanks for looking!

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AEG outer barrel - SOLD

ACM aimpoint + mount - No longer for sale


A complete Marui SPAS 12 with that stock + hook will be for sale shortly.


Slight price edits on Tanio Koba USPs, Youth Engineering MP5



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