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So I've been wanting something to use as a flashlight for my airsoft rifle and I wanted to get an element peq-16A (Retails ~ $55) and I asked my friend for advice and he said that I should instead go with a dedicated flashlight. The laser or IR light on the peq-16 wouldnt be something I would really use anyways, but it does look cooler than a regular torch to me. He recommended I get the night evolution NE04003(Retails ~ $58. I've also taken a look at the night evolution NEFORCE weapon mounted light(Retails ~ $57) I know that the peq box would not be as bright as a dedicated flashlight, but im still debating if I should give up looks for a brighter light. Can I get any opinions please? Also any recommendations of other light systems around $55 or less? I play mainly cqb but I also play field every so often. Also- I don't care to light up an entire building, im just looking for something to use that will make it easier to see my bb's and to maybe blind my opponents a little.

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Guest alberty

This sounds like a choice between looks or performance.


From the information you provided, it sounds like you are considering a PEQ box replica for the cool look with a functional light, and you are considering a regular flashlight for its function and maybe better performance for lighting purposes.


So it's up to you. Do you want more look or more light?

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