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Cleaning My Closet Sale

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1. PM for any questions
2. Shipping is NOT included unless otherwise stated.
3. The ONLY trade is money unless otherwise stated.
4. Only shipping with USPS Priority or UPS Ground w/tracking unless otherwise requested.
5. Pick up available around Diamond Bar, CA and Chino, CA.
6. NO PART OUT unless otherwise stated OR the entire package is paid for.

Will have pic with name/date on paper later tonight.

Will have more items added as I clean out my closet.

Echo 1 Redstar based DSG $250

Lonex RED piston
Riot DSG
ICS Turbo 3000 motor
Wired to deans

FPS is around 310

Comes with a clone Magpul ACS stock (not in the pic) and the waffle mag (in the pic)

Does not come with the suppressor, suppressor is $15 more.
Foam filled with spring to hold the foam in place.






HFC Glock 17 with Blackhawk Serpa $100 Shipped
Comes with one mag

Serpa is Blackhawk, not China
Interior of the Serpa is sanded down a bit since TM dimension Glocks are wider.

KJW Hi-Capa $95 shipped
1x WE 5.1 mag
1x KJ 4.3 mag



TM MEU $200
AIP nozzle
3 TM mags





G&G Full Metal M4 $150
Magpul MOE Handguard

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