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Pev's Big Game March 29th 2015 ! Aldie Va

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Hey guys and Gals,

The next date has been locked down and it will be March 29th 2015

A few changes :

Check in 8am-10am

Briefing 10:00am

Chrono 10:15-11am

Game Start 11am

Game Ends 4pm ( Roughly this may change )

We will have more chronos, we will have more time to get guys chrono'ed in before game start.

As to Comms - No Jamming, Mic Key blocking etc I have chosen the following Freqs for the Big Game :

Blue Team : FRS 12 (467.6375)

Red Team : FRS 14 (467.7125)

DO NOT USE : FRS 9-0 and 9-1 (467.5875 and 467.5875 CTCSS Tone 67)

Medics : I am working on the math, People wanted more Medics, so I will work on that, by limiting charges a bit but give teams more medics.

I have a feeling the field layout will be close to the same, with the exception of Blue Team being inserted correctly.

Red Insert may have to be moved do to the fact we got 200 truck loads of dirt delivered that is in the Containment field area.

I am working out missions now, I will post more info after our Paintball Big Game the 1st.

PLEASE : PLEASE : If you are coming to the event, pre register - It saves you money, it allows me to better plan things. If you are on a team PLEASE tell the person you are registering with so you will end up on the same team.


Same Basic Pev's Rules :

400fps with .20's
All BBs from Pevs ( we have .20, .25, .28, .30, .32, .36
Sealed Eye Protection
Face Needs to be covered. - WAY WAY too many people not wearing their face protection.
Paintball Barrel Covers - All guns, Holstered Pistons pointed at the ground at waist level or lower are ok, if you have it above your waist line it need to have a closed end or a barrel cover.

Snipers - I am still working on something for you guys to have a higher velocities but keep my insurance provider happy.

Here is the Map from last game, there maybe a few changes for thsi game :

More post to follow



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