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Ok, some of you may remember my post a while ago on whether or not I should start an airsoft painting service.


Well, I am overjoyed to announce that my dream has come true! Between the time of my last post related to this subject and today, I have completed multiple other painting jobs, all turning out extremely well. I have also amassed many camouflage paint colors.


I have also devoted many hours to making a website. This website, www.paintopsairsoft.webs.com, displays a brief introduction to our company and who we are. It also shows a pricing breakdown (for both rifles and pistols). The pricing for camo ranges from $32.99 (ABU camo pistol) to $139.99 (separated hextech camo rifle).


But we don't just offer camo! We also have specialty add-on stencils ranging from the US Marines logo to the Hunger Games Mockingjay pin.


So, I would be really grateful if everybody would go check out the site, as it is very fresh and needs feedback (don't use the contact us button, that's for orders, post your feedback here).


Lastly, the first order on my new website gets 15% off their order and gets to choose a specialty stencil (up to $10) for me to apply at no extra cost!


Thank you, and have a good night!

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I noticed something that might be helpful.

Preview pictures of the camo would be nice, not everyone is going to know what that camo lookes like.

You should add a portfolio section, where you post pictures of guns you've previously painted so people know what your work looks like.

I can provide pictures of the stencils, but my last 2 camo projects were very rushed and I forgot to take pictures. Although, I can provide a picture of a black and tan two-tone uzi that I did last week if you would like to see it.

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