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Battle belt: acceptable for use as ones whole kit?

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I'm looking to upgrade my worn out kit and was wondering if it was possible to run everything essential for skirmishing/day sims on just a battle belt?

Before you call me nuts; hear me out...

I enjoy running light, my current kit is as bare bones as it gets, a basic belt rig with accomidations for only the most basic of implements (4x magazines, utility pouches and a dump pouch) It holds all I need, even for day play, with that and a backpack.

Secondly, I'm tall. I've given friends PC's test runs in skirmish and they all seem incredibly awkward (as well as small or fat). Grabbing at my nipples to pull velcro straps is counterproductive in the heat of battle. A battle belt seems to sit at that right hight for me to swoop up with my hand and slap that mag in.

Thirdly, that price. Even a craptacular condor vest costs easily 100$ and in Canada, that number can easily double. Not even including plate carriers made by reputable service brands (5.11, Emerson, etc) Whilst your cheap old first line can be as low as 20$.

All I'm looking to put on it is as follows (Something accomidating 6x AR mags, a large utility pouch, dump pouch, ER pouch and a radio pouch)

So what do you think, could this work or am I not "milsim enough, bruh?"

Also, new to the forum, so if this deserves a plant in another section, by all rights, tell me.

All imput is apreciated! :a-cheesy:

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At work I would have gladly ditched my PC for a war belt setup, and would have considered trading my children to be able to wear a war belt based duty rig. Back then I was told what I had to carry, now I carry what I need (and it's all in my purse :P ). Run what works, ignore what other people think about it.


Usually I wear a war belt with a holster, 3 SMG mag pouches for 50 rnd 1911 mags, lightsticks as needed for IFF, and maybe a couple of Thunder Bs if I'm feeling loud. If forced to carry a long gun I'll grab a similar belt with 5 M4 and 2 double stack pistol pouches. The only reason I wear a vest now is to up armor my chest. Getting shot in the boobs hurts! But then I rarely do anything but haunt the CQC field.

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I bought a battle belt once, and I only use it for slow, light loadouts like a sniper because of the way the belt holds the pouches. The belt holds the pouches at the top, because it isn't wide enough to fasten at the top and bottom of the mag pouch, so when I run with it on, the pouches flap around like a couple of saggy :censored2:. Tried it at a cqb field first, and I ended up taking it off in fifteen minutes. So, if you're using a high speed loadout, this might not be your best option. I have seen Condor battle belts that are wider though, probably for that reason, so you could try those too. Might just be that brand of belt, idk, but that's just my experience.

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