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Which GBB for 3 gun training

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Hey guys totally new to airsoft and would like input on a great GBB airsoft rifle for training for 3 gun competitions. If youve shot 3 gun & train w airsoft also PLEASE PLEASE let me know ! I would prefer to buy something thats ready to throw a optic on it & go. I'd rather not "take off this and add that" .... etc.


Here are some links to 2 I was considering 1 is ready to go, like I'd prefer, & the other would need some upgrades,.. mainly a free float handguard. After the hadguard the KWA is about $20 more than the PST .... not a big deal to me but Ive heard a few guys liking the KWA, just not sure if the PST was out & available when they purchased the KWA. I know nothing about the quality of either of these so any help would be appreaciated !


Thanks guys


#1 choice right now




#2 choice would need a handguard upgrade ...




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One thing you should know is that the MKM and LM4 are the same base system. The MKM is the updated LM4, basically. The LM4 isn't the greatest out of the box performer, even the MKM isn't stellar.


Also note that the original LM4 had a 3-piece upper receiver, which many knocked for not being very strong. New batch KWAs (starting this/last month) have been updated with a one-piece upper, fixing that issue at least.


If you're looking for something realistic, the G&P/WA WOC system is the most accurate to real ARs... But they often become money pits if you start with a cheaper version.


WE is a pretty good contender, the open bolt system is pretty robust. Good compatibility with real parts here which is a plus, and magazines are on the cheaper side as far as GBBRs go.


What's your budget exactly? That would highly effect your choice.. But if you're looking at the MKM, I would look into GHK M4s.. the GHKs are solid performers, but you definitely pay for it.

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