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M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle at Airsoft Megastore

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Airsoft Megastore has a lot of options to choose from for players that want to enter the realm of airsoft heavy weapons, so in light of a recent restock we figured we would point out machine guns and automatic rifles (with their real world inspirations) currently available in our inventory!




Duly famous for service for the US and its allies from WW1 to Vietnam and beyond, the Browning Automatic Rifle is one of the US’s most famous weapons. Part of a revolutionary wave of inventive new “automatic rifles”, it was meant to fill the role between rifle and machine gun for sustained, and mobile, suppressive fire. Though it wasn’t as initially groundbreaking as the French Chauchat and lacked the extensive mag capacity of the British Lewis gun, the BAR nevertheless would exceed both in fame and combat hours worldwide. Airsoft BARs have limited capacities due to magazine restrictions, but often are hard hitting, accurate automatic rifles that best esteem themselves in re-enactor gameplay environments.


This heavy duty Echo 1 Ohio Ordinance Works M1918 SLR Airsoft AEG is one of the bar standards for high-end WW2 replicas in airsoft. Its size isn’t wasted, delivering up to 430 fps through an impressive 509mm inner barrel to take advantage of all that space. On top of heavy-hitting performance and a massive, authentic frame complete with an integrated bipod. The Echo 1 M1918 is also fully licensed by Ohio Ordinance works (who currently hold the exclusive patent for manufacture,) making this gun a perfect choice for players that want something authentic and competitive, even against more “modern” style airsoft guns. It’s 180 round airsoft magazine won’t turn many heads on the capacity front, but in a WW2 reenactor game it’ll be a top rate automatic rifle.



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