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WTS: Pistol and Accessory Cleanout Sale!

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Time to clear stuff I don't use. Prices don't include shipping, PM me for inquiries. This time around I'm not putting in specific details - if you have questions regarding an item, you can PM me or post a reply.


WE Glock 26 Advance, 3 15rnd mags, G17 mag adapter/extension - SOLD


KSC Mk23 GBB w/ Safariland 6004 Dropleg Holster - $150


TM Desert Eagle in Chrome, Hardkick, 1 extra black mag w/ broken feed lip - $165


From Left/Top to Right/Bottom:

Echo1 XCR Lower Polymer - $15

RS Magpul MOE Foreend for Remington 870 - $20

RS Magpul STR Stock - $65

AABB Trijicon SRS with Killflash - SOLD

KWA M4 Speedloader Gen2 w/ brass feed tip - $15

Action Smith Suppressor 30mm x 200mm, no foam - SOLD

Action Smith Suppressor 25mm x 120mm, foam - SOLD

TSC GearScout Handstop - $10

TSC GearScout Vertical Grip - $10

Maple Leaf EVO Hopup + Barrel for KWA USP Tactical - $30

Some pistol taclight that I couldn't give two asses about - $15

5KU VTAC Lightweight Foregrip - SOLD

Two (2x) Super Shooter 32:1 Gearsets for V2/3 - $20 each


Outdoor Research Ironsight Gloves, Large - $30

G&G Fake M18 Smoke Grenade BB Holder (2000ct) - SOLD

ITW Skeletonized Bottle Holder - $20

Strike Industries Tactical Sling Catch - $10

Two (2x) HSGI Pistol Taco, Khaki - $22 each

Tactical Tailor Small Flashlight Pouch, Multicam - SOLD

That's it for now, can't be bothered to find more stuff around my room. Paypal accepted only, shipping will be via USPS. Thanks for looking!

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About that fine looking Desert Eagle... You said that the extra mag has a broken lip. By "extra" does this mean it comes with 2 mags, and one of them has the lip, or only 1 mag?


It comes with two mags, one silver and one black. The chrome mag works perfectly, the black one needs a new feed lip.

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