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GBB Pistol for Filming

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Well I think it depends on the theme of your film and how authentic you want to make it, because the X5 is a competition variant of the P226.

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Not calling you out, but just pointing to how making rough estimates can get easily muddled with embellishments through time and that never really helps in representing the longevity of any given gun. You've gone from 2.5 years to 4 and 30k rounds to 150k. The best way to make round estimates in my experience would be simply counting how many bags of bbs you've had to buy unless of course you share the same ammo with multiple guns. In my case I usually use .25g for pistols and .30g for rifles/carbines making it easier to track.

I share ammo with my support gun, which is so hard to make estimates lol.


I know that I have bought bulk 8 times since 2012, which was about $500 per order (wholesale deal). In each order I would receive around 500,000 rounds of bbs. They last along time and I will buy in smaller quantities occasionally.

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