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Scout rifle recommendation

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HELLO ALL!!! Wow its been a long time since getting back into airsoft.. just a little introduction here first... I started out in this hobby, completellllly obsessed. me and 20 guys all got guns together, over a very slow process, in our early teens... now im 27. One of the greatest moments of my childhood was playing airsoft, grew up with single pump springer pistols. I then bought a large tokyo marui aps2 sniper. None of us had automatic guns, just running around in back yards getting in trouble and getting the cops called on us. ended things quickly..


ANYWAY. Here I am... 15 years later. The sport since has grown ALOT, and so has my cash flow. But no need for parents permission anymore! haha


so.. I need your help getting started. I need a rifle, and am sort of torn on what to get, and know virtually nothing when it comes to all the brands and types. ill try to break down what im looking for as easy as possible


PLAYSTYLE: Although I have always embraced being the sniper as long as I can remember, I want to get something a little more well rounded. I know though that if I don't get something with stealth, long range shooting in mind.. I will be unhappy and want it. I am very patient, and strategic, im also quite a bit of a loner. Sniper would suit me but I feel I need more versatility. id like to take up more of a scout, long range support role.


GUN CAPABILITIES: I feel that strong scopes are simply unneccessary for airsoft, also, a bolt action is too limiting to be your first and only gun. I am looking for something that accells in mid to long range. not another m4 or ak. I did hear that barrel length isnt everything in accuracy for long range in airsoft thou... Id like to get something accurate, powerful, that could be used in a sniper setup, but also goot in mid range shoot outs in fully auto. I also wouldnt mind if the gun could be used in cqb scenarios, although I wouldnt expect it to be great at it. im not looking for the "everything do it all gun". If I must I will get a smg for that.


TECHNOLOGY: I don't know whats more accurate gbb or aeg, but AEG looks like the best place to start price wize and for practicality.


PRICE: I am willing of spending up to $600 on the gun. I believe in spending good money rather then buying multiple worse guns. id rather just get something good from the start.


PERFORMANCE : right now I am into more performance vs realism. if a really long rifle isnt neccesssary for the long range accuracy gains, id rather not do it. Same goes for the scope, Id like something with some kind of magnification, but not alot, and an easy to see crosshair.


some guns ive been looking at, although I have no idea how to compare them






...the trouble is I really don't know enough about these companies or the technology put into the the different rifles to decide.

what performance aspects should I look for, and which guns should I look at?


I want to make sure im actually getting something that WILL classify me as a "scout" or something similar.. I don't want something thats just larger for the sake of it.. I want something that will give me the extra range and stealth capabilities from a performance aspect.


I know im throwing alot out there, but this is my first post in a long time, my posts will get more specific over time with your help. THANK YOU!

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As a scout rifle is defined and it being a replica of a .22LR, no. But it's one of the best performing GBBRs out there even in stock form so for airsofting purposes is well within the usability as a scout rifle if not a full fledged sniper rifle even (with mods).



-Shot to shot consistency goes to AEG, but if you're set on a playing style where you're not hosing people down, GBBs can also be very accurate. IMO they're actually easier to accurize as they generally have large gas outputs to sufficiently propel heavier bbs and many of them use VSR hop ups.


"Everything do it all"

-This is simply impossible unless you have a way to change power output on the fly. Something effective for long range will simply be too powerful for CQB. And something good for close up work will not have enough energy to make bbs noticeably felt or remain stable against wind at long range. At best you can bridge two adjacent categories within the same gun.


Since you say performance is paramount over realism, I'd highly recommend the KJW 10/22. Technically though, given enough time and money you can make any of your choices perform adequately, it's just that the KC-02 does it out of the box.

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