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Which gun should I get?

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I actually already made a topic about a week ago, however I know very little about airsoft so it'd be awesome if you guys could help me out. If you could just tell me which gun is the best, or if you were in my position, which one would you get?









I'm mostly leaning towards the first one considering I am just getting into airsoft, it seems to be quite a good gun for a cheap amount of money. However, I'm not really fond of the CQB feel. Being 6'4", I feel like I would need a longer rifle, which brings me to my next question, is if whether or not the barrel, or length of the gun really matters in airsoft. Yet, the second and third one is basically fully metal, so would one of them last longer?


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There is no CQB feel. It is what you would be comfortable using.


I have played with a 5'6" Fillipino with a SG1 and he destroyed people with it in room to room fighting.


Velocity at the muzzle is velocity at the muzzle, regardless if the AEG is barrel is 300mm or 450mm. So, no barrel is not a major factor in velocity.


Metal is subjective. Crappy metal is not as good as good polymer.


I can comment that the JG will be front heavy and the Raider is a dead end gun.


SInce your starting...get the CYMA Blackwater

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