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Large GBB + Accessory Sale, Pt. 2!

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Need more monies, more stuff for sale. Prices do not include shipping.



Rare KSC Mk23 GBB, 100% functional. All trades are intact, none of that Umarex white text ######. THIS IS AN NS1 SYSTEM - IT IS NOT NS2/SYSTEM7 COMPATIBLE! Comes with one mag, asking $100.



Rare KSC Mk23 Proto 2005 Hardkick Model. This gun includes an EXTREMELY RARE Zeke Mk23 Slide + OB kit, as well as a big number of KM 1950 Head upgrades (Part 66, hammer bar, 70% and 130% hammer springs). Unfortunately this gun does not work - the hammer very lightly strikes, and something is messed up with the safety/decocker function. Comes with two mags with KM hi-flow valves (also rare). Asking $250.


* RS Magpul STR MilSpec Stock - $55

* 2x Super Shooter 300:100 V2/3 Gearsets - $20 each

* KWA M4 Speedloader Gen2 w/ brass feed lip - $15

* TSC Gear Sector Handstop + VFG - $15 for both

* RS Magpul Remington 870 Forend - $25

* Maple Leaf/AST Evo Hopup + TBB for KWA USP Tactical - $25

* Strike Industries Sling Catch - $10


* Flyye Industries Weesatch/WSH Vest in CB - $60

* Tactical Tailor Fight Light M4 Triple Panel in MC - $15

* 2x HSGI Taco Pistol Pouches in Khaki - $20 each

* Outdoor Research Ironsight Gloves (L) - $30



Tactical Tailor Lightweight Assault Pack in Black. This was used as an EDC/School backpack for about a year, until I decided it was too small. More info here (http://www.greyghostgear.com/product-p/6002.htm), I'll throw in the MSM Small Patch Panel (seen on the front) and the IWC zipper pulls - if you're interested I have some other black MOLLE gear I can include as well (namely bottle holders). Asking $85.


* VFC Plum (yes, plum) AK Midcap - $10

* G&P "Frog" M4 Hicap - $10

* CA M4 Hicap - $10

* MAG Plastic M4 Midcap - $5

* Unknown AK Drum mag (button activated) - $40

Please PM me for inquiries, Paypal accepted only. Low balls will be ignored. You can entertain me with trades, but I need cash the most. Right now I need old AR15 style parts and some G&P M4 receiver parts.

Thanks for looking!

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