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Help me choose my first aeg

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If it's your first gun ever I'd go with an M4.

Yes, the AK is very popular, but in the airsoft world there are WAY more m4s than AKs.

I want to partially disagree with BAMF; yes, AK internals / mags are fairly easy to source, but M4 parts / mags are vastly more numerous, especially second hand.


the biggest problem with cheap AEG AK's is that it's select switch-attaching-screw (idk how else to call it) is very weak.

If you plan on doing a lot of upgrades on this gun, as in you're going to disassemble / reassemble alot,

that weak link will wear out real fast and there is no real way to fix it other than an entirely new gearbox.

IMO that lack of a weak link makes up for the less resilient gearbox design. (v3 is vastly superior to v2 in longevity)

and let's face it, v2 is pretty good in itself as long as you're not pushing a 140 spring, or playing in -20'C weather every time.


mind you, I run AKs exclusively. but I'm still suggesting an M4, only because it's your first ever.

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Guest alberty

Between AR57 and AK-74, I'd suggest AK-74 because of more parts and magazines available. But for the AK, the specific CYMA model number will affect what type of parts it has and how good the material is.


A regular M4 would be even better for the beginner.

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I'll be the devil's advocate here.

Assuming you have a VFC-styled AK (you can see which CYMA AKs are VFC styled here: http://forum.mnairsoft.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=38937 ), the AKs are actually very robust and will last you longer than an m4 due to the design which would allow for less handguard wobble and/or stock wobble (unless if you get the folding stocks, duh). In addition, the V3 gearbox of the AK is superior to the V2 gearbox of the M4 in terms of motor stability and durability.

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CYMA AKs are fine. Or JG M4s or whatever. Both platforms are well supported. M4s may have more aftermarket parts available in general but that does not necessarily mean one platform is better than the other just because there is more (crappy) stuff out there.


Some of the more popular aftermarket brands known for making good stuff for M4 style AEGs also make similarly good stuff for AKs.

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