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WTS: WE SAI XDM, HK3P Gen4 G18C, KSC Mk23, KWA Mk23

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Apparently I have a ton of pistols I don't use; they're lovely and all, but to use them on the field I'd have to buy +$100 holsters for them each. So, I'd rather just sell them and recoup funds for an Inokatsu Mk43.

Note - I will NOT split any of the packages, especially not the KWA Mk23 package. Do not ask, you WILL be ignored.

Let's get on with the sale!

WE SAI XDM. Highly upgraded, never fielded once. Mostly used for target plinking/random shooting. Blowback is very crisp and no problems are present. Upgrades include:

* Airsoft Surgeon XD-40 SAI Slide + Outer Barrel

* Airsoft Surgeon Fiber Optic Front + Rear Sight

* PDI 6.01mm TBB

* SAPH 150% Sear Return Spring

* SAPH 150% Recoil Spring (includes a spare one too, BNIB)

* SAPH 150% Hammer Spring

* SAI-pattern Lower Frame Stippling

Because the AS slide kit was meant for the TM XDM, there are slight fitment issues, which has resulted in scratches on the open ejection port as well as below on the underside of the slide (not normally visible). However the action is very smooth. Comes with 3 mags as well as an almost entirely complete spare lower with more intact XDM trades. Asking $450.

KSC Mk23 NS1. Works, plastic slide, cannot be converted to NS2, but it's a GBB Mk23, who wouldn't want it? Asking $100.

HK3P Gen4 G18C - OEM of the WE G18C, but imported from Hong Kong with full Glock 4th gen trademarks. Upgrades include:

* SD 150% Recoil Spring

* SAPH 150% Sear Return Spring

* SAPH 150% Hammer Spring

The gun does have a small issue in that it fires full auto occasionally in semi. This is not a gun-breaking issue - part #81 needs to be replaced, which is $5 on Evike. I can either sell the gun as-is, or you can wait for me to buy the new part and fix it. Comes with one mag. Asking $130.

KWA/Umarex Mk23, new version. This is an extremely rare kit, mainly due to how long it's taken me to acquire the entire SOCOM set. Upgrades/kit includes:

* A-Plus 6.03mm TBB for Mk23

* Lees Precision Engineering +16mm Thread Protector (not seen but included)

* Wolf Industries M97 LAM w/ Solarforce C5 CREE LED Bulb (300 Lumens)

* KSC +16mm SOCOM Suppressor

Comes with 3 mags, remember both the suppressor and LAM are extremely rare. Asking $550.

No trades please, PM me for inquiries. Thanks for looking!

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