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SR25 Externals compared to M4

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Just put down a purchase for an SR25 (CA M110). While I don't mind the stock configuration of the 20" barrel and the keymod, I'll probably end up changing it anyway.


Can standard M4 outer barrels and rails be used on the SR25? I briefly read something that said Madbull's Daniel Defense 7.62 rail is specific for the AR10 because of the wider receivers, so I'm not sure if this applies to all rails, or just DD's bolt-on nut system.


Also, as far as SR25 magazines go, which ones will be compatible with the CA? I've read that G&P, A&K, PTS, CA, etc are not all 100% compatible.

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The barrel cut on my CA SR-25 is the same as my M4's. I see no reason why an M4/M16 barrel wouldn't work on your M110.


As for mags, I can confirm G&P's work, as that is what I have used. The others, I have not investigated.

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