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Operation: Corrupt Intent - 08/22/15 @ Hole in the Wall

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Operation: Corrupt Intent

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015


Hole In The Wall Paintball

24262 66th Street

Bangor, Michigan 49013

Registration Fee: $25.00 Per Person.

Age Restriction: 16+ (Players under the age of 16 may be vouched for by a respected and established member of the Michigan Airsoft community).

To be added to the official event roster, please post on the Michigan Airsoft forum.

If you are not a member of the Michigan Airsoft forum, click here to join: http://www.miairsoft.org/index.php

Event Schedule

Registration Open: 9:00 AM, Saturday, August 22nd.

Event Briefing: 10:00 AM.

Field Walk On: 10:45 AM.

Event Start: 11:00 AM.

Lunch Break: 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM.

Event Resume: 2:45 PM.

Event End: 5:30 PM (Approximately).

Chinese Relief Supplies Arrive In Nepal

“At the request of the Nepalese government, relief personnel and supplies from the Chinese humanitarian agency People’s Reprieve have begun arriving in the capital city Kathmandu. A magnitude 7.9 earthquake occurred on April 25th, 2015 with an epicenter 80 kilometers northwest of the capital.

Fourteen days earlier on May 1st, personnel from Doctor’s without Borders and the Red Cross began evacuating critically injured and distributing relief supplies as well as constructing makeshift facilities and mobile clinics.

Nepal’s closest neighbor was also quick to respond; almost immediately India began Operation: Maitri providing rescue operations and disaster relief supplies with its own armed forces.

On April 29th, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott issued a statement; pleading for the People’s Republic of China and the United States to put aside their differences for the benefit and aid of the citizens of Nepal.

The United States and China have been engaged in a multi-year conflict on the Korean peninsula. The conflict which initially began in 2006 between South Korea, its military allies the United States and North Korea quickly escalated to a regional war when China intervened militarily on behalf of North Korea.”

- Ryan Fernandez, BBC News. Wellington, New Zealand.

India Joins Ban on US Poultry

“India has officially joined the growing worldwide ban on United States poultry and egg imports. Thirteen confirmed cases have been reported across India, including two at poultry factories outside Delhi and five in Northern areas of the country. In total between all factories over one million Chickens were destroyed.

The highly contagious and potentially lethal variant of Avian Influenza also known as (H5N2) has caused mass fear of a global Avian Epidemic. Import bans include: China, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, Angola, Russia, Cuba, Taiwan, South Korea and Guatemala.

As if to complicate matters worse, India has officially recalled over nearly half a million civilian and military rations en route to earthquake survivors in neighboring Nepal over fear of a potential Botulism contamination. Disease control agents from the Chinese military have been working closely with Nepalese officials to test Nepalese poultry for fear the disease may spread.”

- George Yarrington - Reuters.

Chinese Military Expands Air Identification Zone

“The Chinese military has announced it is expanding it's Air Identification Zone to include disputed areas of the East China Sea and areas extremely close to the borders of Bangladesh and Burma in south east Asia. The Identification Zone reportedly crosses the already established borders of Nepal, however that has yet to be confirmed.

Part of the areas in question covered by the expansion include extremely disputed islands in the East China Sea. The Chinese government is engaging in a type of artificial island program on these islands, why has yet to be explained. Geologists and oceanographers are concerned about possible risks to the ecosystem and environment.

If the Chinese military do expand air defense zones to include the areas in question, all aircraft entering or exiting the areas are required follow all instructions ordered by the Chinese Air Force or risk being forced to land. The Indian and Burmese government have denounced the expansion by China calling it a 'Risk to our national security and a blow to global sovereignty.'"

- Allicia Jones - Detroit Free Press.

Foreign Aid Workers Found Dead

"Fifteen foreign aid workers have been found dead in Nepal while attempting to deliver food and basic supplies to people displaced by the 2015 earthquake that struck Nepal earlier this year. The Indian and Chinese governments were quick to respond to crisis along with other nations and countless NGO's.

Five Canadians, eight British, and two French aid workers are dead as the result of a night-time attack on a aid convoy in rural Nepal. The vehicles were found by the Indian military while during a predawn search for displaced civilians, their vehicles riddled with bullet holes and smoldering on the edge of the road. At this time it is not known who the attackers were or the aid workers were targeted, however desperate, suffering people and unidentified guerrilla groups are suspected."

- Chelsea Rasmussen - Chicago Tribune.

Forces In Play and Uniform Requirements

Chinese Armed Forces (Green Team)

- Woodland, MARPAT, DPM, Tiger Stripe, OD Green, Multicam, and Woodland A-TACs.

Indian Armed Forces (Tan Team)

- Three Color Desert, Six Color Desert, Arid MARPAT, Arid DPM, Arid A-TACs, ACU, ABU, Desert A-Tac's Urban, and Contractor.

* Contractor is defined as khaki pants and a black top. No exceptions!

* Mis-matched uniforms (camouflage from both sides) will not be allowed.

* Gear color is irrelevant to which side players may choose to play on.

* Ghillie suits may be used by snipers on either team.

Registration, Payment, and Waivers

- Registration Fee: $25.00 Per Person (Walk-On).

- Age Restriction: 16+ (Players under the age of 16 may be vouched for by a respected and established member of the Michigan Airsoft community).

- Walk-on payment and registration are welcome for all participants.

- All participants must signs a waiver before being allowed to participate.

- Participants under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by their parent or guardian.

Your Name:

Callsign (If Applicable):


Home Team (If Applicable):

Faction: Indian Armed Forces or Chinese Armed Forces.

Camping (Pre/None):

* If you are signing up multiple people, please also list the above information for your teammates.


Full Name: Caleb Jager

Callsign: BigTexAzz

Age: 26

Home Team: FLAK.

Chinese Armed Forces.

Camping (Pre/None): None.

Full Name: Andrew Yarrington

Callsign: GlassArchitect

Age: 26

Home Team: FLAK.

Indian Armed Forces.

Camping (Pre/None): None.

Zero Tolerance Policy

This event like every event hosted at Hole in the Wall Paintball LLC, since November 2009 is a Zero Tolerance Event or 'ZT'. The ZT policy is in place to ensure the safety, enjoyment, and reputation of Hole In The Wall Paintball, and airsofters everywhere.

Infractions that are covered under ZT include but are not limited to:

- Removal of goggles during game play on any area of the field.

- Cheating.

- Theft. *

- Vandalism. *

First Violation - Immediate One Hour Removal From Game Play.

Second Violation - Immediate Removal and Six Month Ban.

* Denotes an infraction of immediate permanent removal. Violators are subject to any and all financial and/or legal penalties.

Field Conduct Regulations

- Sportsmanship is key in airsoft, without it the game falls apart. Please play with integrity.

- Blind firing is not allowed. Players must have a direct line of sight on their target.

- Obey your engagement limit; no one likes being shot in the face at close range.

- Do not climb on or damage field structures.

- Dead men do not talk…

- Call your hits; cheating on any level ruins the game for everyone.

- Always assume when firing at long distances or through thick cover that your shots may not be hitting someone.

Eye Protection Regulations

- All participants are required to have ANSI rated 'Full Seal' eye protection.

- Mesh Goggles, Shooting Glasses, Safety Glasses, and/or Lab Goggles will not be allowed under any circumstances. You will be turned away, asked to rent a pair or use a different set of eye protection if you violate this.

- Participants caught using non-compliant eye protection will be immediately removed from the event.

Barrel Bag Regulations

- All participants are required to have a 'Barrel Bag' over the muzzle of their replica at all times when out of game play.

- “Homemade” barrel covers of any type are not an acceptable option.

- Barrel Bag's are available for purchase at event registration for $7.00 each.

Engagement Limits For All Weapons

1.0 - 350.9 FPS - Arms length engagement limit

351.0 - 409.9 FPS - 20 foot engagement limit

420.0 - 550.9 FPS – 50 foot engagement limit, bolt action or permanent* semi-auto replicas only.

551.0+ FPS - Prohibited or allowed with permission of event organizer only.

* Permanent semi-auto refers to replicas that do not have full-auto fire capability, no matter how the selector switch or other user input device is manipulated.

Airsoft Swap Meet

- No outside vendors allowed, except under prior event coordinator approval.

- Sellers are responsible for all aspects of their transactions.

- Sellers are responsible for accurate pricing, item descriptions, or information on the item or items they are selling.

- Buyers are responsible for making accurate and informed decisions prior to purchasing.

- We will not be held responsible for items that are lost, stolen, or damaged. Buy, sell, and trade at your own risk.

General Information

- Running water and electricity available on site.

- Restroom available on site.

- Visitors and non-participating persons will be allowed in for free.

- Real steel firearms are prohibited on all areas of the field.

- Violations of any field or event regulations may result in immediate removal from field property without refund.

What To Bring (Quick Checklist)

- Full-Seal Eye Protection [Required].

- Barrel Bag/Cover [Required].

- Airsoft Replica and/or Sidearm [Required].

- Magazines, Batteries, and BB's [Required].

- Radio [Highly Recommended].

- Flash Light / Tactical Light [Highly Recommended].

- Red 'Kill' Rag [Highly Recommended].

- Canteen / Hydration Pack [Highly Recommended].

- Spare Batteries [Highly Recommended].

- Extra Dry Clothing (Shirt, Pants, Socks) [Highly Recommended].

- Extra Dry Footwear [Highly Recommended].

To be added to the official event roster, please post on the Michigan Airsoft forum.

If you are not a member of the Michigan Airsoft forum, click here to join: http://www.miairsoft.org/index.php

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