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Jeebus Christmas

What soda do you guys drink?

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Mountain Dew. I used to do 2-3 cans a day in college, but now days I've toned it way back. A can or 2 on the weekend.


I can't "do the dew". I get stomach ache by the end of the first can. I think it's the sugar.

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Foxon Park White Birch Beer, its made with real sugar and tastes great.


Where do you pick up something like that?


My all time favorite is probably Hawaiian Punch but I haven't had any in like a decade.

I drink diet coke sometimes and diet caffeine free coke for when I want coke but also want to go to bed.


I had no idea Hawaiian Punch was soda. I always though it was juice.


Diet Coke tastes awful, how do you live?

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Not to mention it is awful for you due to the aspartame. You are 50% more likely to have a stroke due to it.


Please cite a source for that. Given my education and work background I will say that some of these food/health myths come from flawed research that was conducted decades ago and unfortunately still persist despite being debunked by more recent and less spotty very large scale studies that have been scrutinized to death for methodological issues.


But Hawaiian Punch comes in a can so it counts as soda to me. And I prefer the taste of diet coke compared to regular but these days it is mostly water for me.


I actually have a case of sprite in my pantry but I use it for cooking.

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Google search "aspertame stroke" and you will get a bunch of results. Reports seem to go between 50 and 60% increase.

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The first link refers to http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3514985/ and it is also referenced in the second link.


The authors of the research do highlight some methodological issues and raise concerns about confounding and causality/temporality despite using a prospective design given the study population of older adults who are already overweight or obese on average although various news articles do not pick on that. The media frequently doesn't get it right.


The MD in the second link is a radiologist by training and does not appear to have recent obesity/nutrition/public health I.e. epidemiology research and education listed and according to his CV hasn't published anything since the 80s, and they are not related to aspartame. In that article he lists research that was carried out in the 70s-90s where study design issues have since been identified.


WebMD does a good job of explaining how diet soda and other lifestyle factors play into health and their information is often more current but I think it is a great idea to hit up pubmed or google scholar and read of the literature published in vetted journals like Obesity.


A lot of observational studies will purposely recruit a "high risk" study population I.e. older adults who are overweight/obese who clearly have risk factors for stroke/heart events such as diabetes etc to ensure that enough cases occur within a reasonable time frame. So it is difficult to establish rock hard evidence in support of xyz exposure (diet soda) being responsible for outcomes (stroke) when your study population has possibly accumulated a lifetime of bad habits and is likely already on their way to poor health when you start taking notes. Studies using much younger populations with much better methods of tracking diet and other covariates are needed but would take decades to complete.


So is the evidence clear cut and rock solid comparable to smoking and lung cancer with regards to aspartame/diet soda and stroke? Still unclear. There are some meta-analyses underway looking at multiple ongoing studies and so far an overall association hasn't been observed. But the evidence is much stronger and well established when it comes to being overweight/obese and not physically active and having a much higher risk of poor health outcomes. There are other and more powerful risk factors for stroke out there and trying to decide between regular or aspartame'd soda is small potatoes when it comes to stroke risk when it is not clear whether aspartame is a meaningful risk factor.


But given my general lifestyle I am okay with the occasional bottle of diet coke given my activity level and general diet.

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