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Operation: Firestorm V

October 17th 2015


Hole in the Wall Paintball
24262 66th Street
Bangor, Michigan 49013
Registration Information:
Ages: 15+
Registration Fee: $25.00 Per Person (Walk-On), $20.00 Per Person (Paypal Prepay)
* Additional regulations may apply.
Event Times:
- Pre-Event Camping Open: 6:00 PM, Friday, October 16th, 2015.
- Pre-Event Camping Close: 9:00 PM.
- Registration Open: 9:00 AM, Saturday, October 17th, 2015.
- Event Start: 10:30 AM.
- Lunch Period: 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM.
- Second Half Start: 2:45 PM.
- Event End: 5:15 PM.
- Field Close: 6:00 PM.
Operation: Firestorm IV (2014) After Action Report: http://miairsoft.proboards.com/thread/50547/aar-operation-firestorm-iv?page=1
Complete Operation: Flash Fire/Firestorm event storyline (2006-present): http://www.miairsoft.org/index.php?topic=281.msg1618#new
2015 Storyline:

U.S. Suffers Massive Cyber Security Breach

“The United States government has announced it has suffered what has been described as one of the worst cyber security breaches in U.S. history and officials think the Chinese hackers are responsible.”
“The personal information of up to four million past and present government employees may have been compromised in what officials are calling a massive cyber security breach. Based on the internet tactics, style of the attack used, and possible source; NSA Cyber Security analysts think Chinese hackers are responsible. At this time it is not known whether the hackers were part of the Chinese government, or were independent and merely working for the government.
Data compromised includes; payroll records, addresses and personal contact information, and past and present work assignments, the information itself going from present back to 1985. The NSA and U.S. government have been urging all government employees affected to ‘promptly change all passwords and contact information.’ Chinese ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai calls the statement ‘Irresponsible and extremely damaging to already tense war-time relations.’”

- Noah Hughes - BBC News, Washington D.C.

International Aid Workers Assist In Nepal

“The Indian recall of nearly half a million potentially contaminated rations en route to earthquake survivors in Nepal appears to be effective. But now the question of how to help the already suffering people of Nepal is once again up for debate…”
“Dark, acrid, and suffocating smoke hangs in the air on the Indian side of the Nepalese-Indian border; where almost 500,000 food rations destined for earthquake survivors burn in ditches along the road. The food supplies were recalled over government fears of potential Botulism contamination, caused by ill-maintained manufacturing equipment. The Indian supply company responsible for the possible contamination declined to comment. The Indian military along with the Chinese humanitarian agency People’s Reprieve have been working closely to monitor food ration distribution and ill displaced that arrive at camps for the displaced and affected.
The non-profit organizations Doctor’s Without Borders and the Red Cross are also making strides in Nepal. Nearly thirty-seven mobile camps and medical facilities have been quickly constructed in an attempt to help earthquake survivors. British, American, and French volunteer medical personnel have been working tirelessly to house and feed those who arrive. A British physician working with Doctor’s Without Borders called the situation ‘Heartbreaking.’”

- Timothy Timm – Reuters.

North Korean and Chinese Troops Assault DMZ Base

“An extremely well coordinated assault by North Korean and Chinese forces including suicide bombers on a South Korean-U.S. army base along western coast of the Korean Demilitarized Zone has renewed fears that the conflict on the Korean Peninsula may be expanding into a regional-wide war”
“Walls riddled with bullet holes, destroyed vehicles, and smoldering buildings are the result of the latest Chinese-North Korean assault on a military base along the Pacific coast near the Korean DMZ. ‘I’ve never seen anything like it before. Gunfire, huge explosions, and the fact it happened so quickly, really scared us. The two others with me that night were killed.’ A 27 year old army Sergeant told a reporter.
The attack last night has renewed nears that North Korea and China may attempt pushes to take portions of the Demilitarized Zone piece by piece, no matter what the cost. The joint Chinese-Korean coalition have already gained control of several large portions of the DMZ stretching all the way to the Pacific Ocean. The assault has also renewed fears from the Japanese that the long-running regional conflict may expand to their coastline. The presence of United States military bases and storage facilities on the archipelago has only increased fears and probability of a possible future attack.”

- Kelly Jones - Detroit Free Press.

Supplies For 5,000 Arrive in Eastern Europe

"Supplies to equip and mobilize 5,000 troops including tanks, fighting vehicles, and ammunition have arrived in unspecified areas of Eastern Europe as part of a plan to deter possible Russian aggression towards countries in Eastern Europe. The bill which was just recently on the desk of the Secretary of War is already being implemented as a strategy to discourage Vladimir Putin from any possible moves.
In recent years Vladimir Putin has made increasingly aggressive political and military moves towards countries in Southern Europe, including the deployment of Russian military troops and aircraft near the borders of these nations. Along with several trade agreements and military protection pacts with authorities in Beijing, many countries in the region are becoming increasingly fearful of potential Russian occupation."

- Brandon Nieman – Reuters.

South Korean Forces Routed In Miscalculated Assault

"South Korean infantry conducting an assault on North Korean positions north of Gyeonggi-Do have suffered unacceptable levels of causalities and had to retreat before further losses were taken. The offensive which initially went according to plan with infantry recapturing several key positions north of the historic city of Incheon including previously lost radar stations and ammunition depots.
However, immense levels of North Korean artillery as well as support from previously unexpected light aircraft forced South Korean forces to pull back from positions just captured or risk further dead and wounded. The South Korean government called the failed attack 'tragic for the people of this country.'
The failed in Gyeonggi-Do province highlights the growing problem of continuing North Korean and Chinese assaults on checkpoints along the demilitarized zone and the growing concern of Seoul and Washington that China and North Korea may make a future push towards Incheon."

- Rebecca Rewley – USA Today.

Operation: Firestorm Timeline, 2006-Present:
Complete Operation: Flash Fire/Firestorm event storyline (2006-present): http://www.miairsoft.org/index.php?topic=281.msg1618#new
Operation: Flash Fire ~ October 15th, 2006.
Outcome: Major allied coalition victory.
Operation: Flash Fire II ~ October 13th, 2007.
Outcome: Major allied coalition victory.
Operation: Flash Fire III ~ October 18th, 2008.
Outcome: Battlefield stalemate; 3:1 allied coalition causality rate.
Operation: Flash Fire; Codename: Deep Snow ~ December 6th, 2008.
Outcome: Major allied coalition victory.
Operation: Backdraft ~ May 9th, 2009.
Outcome: Major communist forces victory.
Operation: Flash Fire IV ~ October 18th, 2009.
Outcome: Outcome: Battlefield stalemate; 3:1 allied coalition causality rate.
Operation: Flash Fire V ~ October 18th, 2010.
Outcome: Major communist forces victory. People's Republic of China enters conflict.
Operation: Firestorm ~ October 15th, 2011.
Outcome: Major communist forces victory.
Operation: Firestorm II ~ October 13th, 2012.
Outcome: Battlefield stalemate; forces withdraw due to climatic conditions.
Operation: Firestorm III ~ October 12th, 2013.
Outcome: Major communist forces victory.
Operation: Firestorm IV ~ October 18th, 2014.
Outcome: Battlefield stalemate; climatic conditions cause unacceptable levels of casualties and wounded.
Registration and Payment:
- $25.00 per player, walk-on only.
- Age Restriction: 15+.
- Walk-on payment and registration is available at event registration.
- All participants are required to sign a waiver before being allowed to participate.
- Participants under the age of 18 are required to have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.
- Advanced event registrations received via E-mail or facebook will not be accepted.
To be placed on the player roster for this event, please post in this event thread on the Michigan Airsoft forum with the following information:
Callsign (If Applicable):
Team (If Applicable):
Walk-on or Prepay:
Faction (Green Team or Tan Team):
Pre-Event Camping: Yes/No.
If you are not a member of the Michigan Airsoft forum, click here to join: http://www.miairsoft.org/index.php
Prepay Information:
To prepay for this event, please send a private message or paypal us with the following information:
Callsign (If Applicable):
Team (If Applicable):
Faction (Green Team or Tan Team):
Pre-Event Camping: Yes/No.
If prepaying for this event, please send $20.00 to armoryairsoft<AT>gmail.com. Please send as a gift!
All prepayments for this event must be received no later than Thursday, October 1st, 11:59 PM.
Forces In Play and Uniform Requirements:
(Green Team) Korean People’s Army and People’s Liberation Army (North Korea and China).
Accepted Uniforms: Woodland, MARPAT, Woodland DPM, Tiger Stripe, Olive Drab, Woodland A-TAC’s, and Multicam.
(Tan Team) Combined Forces Pacific (United States and South Korea).
Accepted Uniforms: Three Color Desert, Six Color Desert, Arid MARPAT, Arid DPM, ACU, ABU, Urban, Black, and Contractor.
- Contractor is defined as Khaki colored pants and a black colored top. No exceptions!
- Mismatched uniforms (color patterns from both sides) will not be allowed.
- Gear color is irrelevant to which faction players may choose.
- Ghillie suits may be used by snipers or designated marksmen on either team.
- Boots are highly recommended due to extremely rugged and damp terrain.
Engagement Limits For All Weapons:
1.0 - 350.9 FPS - Arms length engagement limit
351.0 - 409.9 FPS - 20 foot engagement limit
420.0 - 550.9 FPS – 50 foot engagement limit, bolt action or permanent* semi-auto replicas only.
551.0+ FPS - Prohibited or allowed with permission of event organizer only.
* Permanent semi-auto refers to replicas that do not have full-auto fire capability, no matter how the selector switch or other user input device is manipulated.
Ammunition Regulations:
Assault Rifles, Rifles, Sub-machine Guns, and Handguns - 2,000 rounds in any configuration.
Support Weapons and Heavy Machine Guns - 3,000 rounds in any configuration.
Sniper Rifles and Designated Marksman Rifles - 800 rounds in any configuration.
- Spare ammunition, magazines, supplies, etc may be left at your prospective teams re-spawn location. Leave items at your own risk.
Zero-Tolerance Policy:
All events hosted at Hole in the Wall Paintball are hosted under a 'Zero-Tolerance' policy. All field staff members reserve the right to report, monitor, or a remove a problematic player anywhere on field grounds.
Infractions include, but are not limited to:
- Removal of eye protection during game-play at any time.
- Cheating.
- Violations of engagement limits.
- Theft.
- Vandalism or destruction of property.
Field Conduct (Sportsmanship) Regulations:
- Sportsmanship and honor is a fundamental part of airsoft. The game loses meaning and ceases being enjoyable for anyone. Please call your hits and play with integrity.
- Blind firing is not allowed under any circumstances. All players must have a clear line of sight on their target.
- Remember and obey your engagement limit. Being shot at close range by a high velocity replica is not fun and may injure other players.
- Dead men do not talk. If you are “dead” do not pass on intelligence as to where the enemy is or where you were shot from…
- Always assume that long distance shots or shots through thick cover/vegetation may not always hit their intended target. Give people the benefit of the doubt…
- Do not damage bunkers or field structures of any kind.
- Do not climb on bunkers or field structures.
Eye Protection Regulations:
- All participants are required to have ANSI Z87.1 rated ‘Full Seal’ eye protection.
- Full Seal’ goggles are defined as a foam band that separates the lens/frame of the goggle from the face of the user as well as having an elastic band that fits around the head.
- Mesh masks, mesh goggles, shooting glasses, safety glasses, lab safety goggles, and/or sunglasses are not allowed under any circumstances.
- Participants found using non-complaint eye protection will removed from the event be asked to immediately leave field property.
Barrel Bag/Barrel Plug Regulations:
- All participants are required to have a ‘barrel bag’ over the muzzle of their replica or a barrel plug in the muzzle of their replica at all times while in the staging area or out of game play.
- Homemade barrel bags, gloves, and/or tube socks are not acceptable options.
- Barrel bags are available for sale at registration for $7.00 each.
Pre-Event Camping Regulations:
- Pre-event camping is available to all participants attending the event.
- Pre-event camping will open at 6:00 PM the evening before the event.
- Ages: 18+. No exceptions!
- Participants must bring their own tent, sleeping bag, and camping equipment.
- Participants may only camp in specific areas of the field grounds.
- Staging area campsites are reserved for field staff and/or moderator use only. No exceptions.
- Small fires are permitted in specific areas only.
- We will not be responsible for property that is lost, stolen, or damaged.
- Violation of any field regulations may result in immediate and permanent removal from field grounds without refund.
General Information:
- Running water and electricity available on site.
- Restroom available on site.
- Real steel firearms are prohibited on field grounds.
- Not responsible for any items lost, stolen, or damaged.
- Violations of any field or event regulations may result in immediate removal from field grounds without refund.
To Bring Checklist:
- Full-Seal Eye Protection [Required].
- Barrel Bag/Cover [Required].
- Airsoft Replica and/or Sidearm [Required].
- Magazines, Batteries, and BB's [Required].
- Red 'Kill' Rag [Highly Recommended].
- Canteen / Hydration Pack [Highly Recommended].
- Radio [Highly Recommended].
- Flash Light / Tactical Light [Highly Recommended].
- Spare Batteries [Highly Recommended].
- Extra Dry Clothing (Shirt, Pants, Socks) [Highly Recommended].
- Extra Dry Footwear [Highly Recommended].

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Roster updated! Teams are looking much more balanced than before. A special thank you to Hawkeye and Extreme Prejudice for aiding in balancing! We're currently sitting at 59 participants.

I would also like to offer a warm Michigan Airsoft welcome to Iowa State Airsoft who will be attending this event from Iowa State University!

Edited by CantoXII

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