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What do you guys think of the Elite Force M4 Carbine?

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I've already bought this gun, but I wondered what you guys think, but every time anyone says "Around $100 for an M4", people say Lancer Tactical, but their externals are ALL polymer. The Elite Force I think, in my limited experience, is the best. It has(Still a noob so not sure exactly) some kind of better trigger contacts that give it really good trigger response, and, I believe, a high torque motor already in it, and all the moving parts externally are metal. Dust cover, outer barrel, charging handle, buffer tube. Also, it comes with two mags. But in the LT M4, I think everything but the internals is plastic. I may have gotten some stuff wrong though, so let me know, but what do you guys think? I haven't had any problems on my Elite Force M4 that weren't user error. Do you think it would make a better starter gun than the Lancer Tactical?


Here's the link: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=9022

Jet Desert Fox's friend, LevelCapGaming, said that this was one of the best starter guns he could find, and I think I agree, if you want to see his video, here it is:


So what do you guys think? Lancer Tactical M4 or Elite Force Carbine?

Also, first post! :P


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Hmm, well by the G&G M4 I assume you meant that it was a Combat Machine, and I thought that it was around $150 instead. I'm not necessarily looking for validation on my EF M4, but I would like to know how it stands up to other guns in that range. Also, I didn't know JG made one either :o


Thanks for the replies!

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On the sub 200 retail market price is EVERYTHING.


A 150 AEG is better than a 100 AEG - Period. This is due to the fact that at this level. The price of the componentry has a major factor in the cost of the item.


100 AEG may have nylon bushings to lower cost while the 150 has brass or some other "metal" bushing.

100 AEG may have 20awg wiring while 150 AEG has 18awg wiring.

100 AEG my have a recycled ABS body while the 150 AEG has a zinc metal body with a high lead content (CYMA)


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Just related to the OP; but in my opinion, do not listen to anyone sponsored. It's kinda obvious, but people who are sponsored are obviously going to money and goodies from those who sponsor them.... Especially if they advertise their products. Same applies to retailers (it's shameful to hear people who advertise the APS TNT barrel just cause Redwolf TV said so).

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