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What do you guys think of the Elite Force M4 Carbine?

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I've already bought this gun, but I wondered what you guys think, but every time anyone says "Around $100 for an M4", people say Lancer Tactical, but their externals are ALL polymer. The Elite Force I think, in my limited experience, is the best. It has(Still a noob so not sure exactly) some kind of better trigger contacts that give it really good trigger response, and, I believe, a high torque motor already in it, and all the moving parts externally are metal. Dust cover, outer barrel, charging handle, buffer tube. Also, it comes with two mags. But in the LT M4, I think everything but the internals is plastic. I may have gotten some stuff wrong though, so let me know, but what do you guys think? I haven't had any problems on my Elite Force M4 that weren't user error. Do you think it would make a better starter gun than the Lancer Tactical?


Here's the link: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=9022

Jet Desert Fox's friend, LevelCapGaming, said that this was one of the best starter guns he could find, and I think I agree, if you want to see his video, here it is:


So what do you guys think? Lancer Tactical M4 or Elite Force Carbine?

Also, first post! :P


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If I was given a choice between the two, I would probably go with Lancer Tactical for a couple of reasons, it's important to note that there both "starter" guns so-to-speak, and they do have their pros and cons. First off let's start with the cons, the EF is OEM'd by SRC, Pretty good back then but it's quite old now, meaning that the specs won't really match to another gun the same price. The EF is wired to the front, meaning that you won't have much of an option if you'd wanted to change the front assembly. The Hop-Up unit is less reliable than the others meaning that you're eventually going to have to either upgrade or change it sooner than some other options out there. The accuracy on the EF is much more prone to getting bad quick due to some of the internals.

On to the Cons of a Lancer. So the more economic lancer tactical guns are known for their "Ok" bodies and their pretty crappy internals. Going full auto on a 11.1 for about 5 min would probably make the gun into a lasagna. Thus meaning its a good idea only to go Semi.

So the Lancer does pose as a bad decision to a lot, but here out the pros.

Lancer Tactical is rear wired, meaning you could do so many modifications and upgrades to the point where you could make it into, a sexy beast. The internals which force you to go semi, gives good accuracy and allows the hopup to last longer. Lancer has some pretty responsive and helpful customer service. Unlike SRC, Lancer is a company you could rely on to get good service from.

It'd be unfair to not list the Pros of the EF so here it is. EF has also been around for quite a while, so this gun may also have some better work done to it. EF also sets you up with a kinda "Starter Kit" fashion so for beginners, it's the way to go.


Truly the only reason I'd choose Lancer is because of it's rear-wiring, Having a rear-wired gun is in my opinion the only way to go. EF has only given my bad customer service and I truly dislike their super bad responsive systems. Lancer responded in about 2 hours and gave me the on-point response and were "Professionals". If you plan on playing airsoft for a longer-period of time, you're going to have to upgrade at one point, and the Lancer will allow you to do so. Maybe in the near future, you could aim for possibly one of the newer G&Gs or the G&Ps. I understand it may a little too late to say this, but this is my experience with EF and I hope it helps!

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My first AEG was the Lancer Tactical, and after about 50,000-75,000 rounds through it, I finally cracked opened the gearbox. It looked like brand new. (Besides all that nasty grease everywhere) All of the gears had no wear on them at all. The piston also had no wear also. I was very surprised! Unlike Asian, I think the internals on the Lancer are great. But it does have some cons. The air seal in the gun started to wear out fast, and I could easily tell. After about 55,000-ish rounds,(And no internal maintenance!) the fps had to of dropped by about 75 FPS. Also, the spring guide and the air nozzle where made of pretty flimsy plastic. It also doesn't have the most snappiest of trigger response. All in all, I would go with Lancer on internals, and EF on externals.


Hope this helps!


-RWA Cobra

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