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If I could pick up a new WE Tech GBB MSK for $215 should I do it?

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I'd recommend that you hold onto your money or spend it on more important stuff that you use more often like having solid footwear, eyeprotection, etc like that if you don't already have it. Maybe it could go towards a better AEG or upgrades for your current one, I don't know.


I have met many players who have multiple guns yet are using cheapo eye protection that fogs and have awful footwear that causes blisters within an hour. Or the player with the tricked out GBBR but literally only has 2 mags because they ran out of money. Don't let that be you!

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That's a really good price for an MSK. But choosing it is ultimately up to your preferences. I personally do not like the weight so even at a bargain you won't find me picking one up. It's a decent gun to start with GBBRs as it doesn't have any real problems except for usual lemon breakages and mags are quite affordable. If you end up not liking it or using GBB as a primary you can always sell it off.

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