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So someone was selling a gopro hero 3 silver edition with 4 sd cards 3 batteries and 2 mounts and a charger. I figured that it was a good deal for only $185 shipped


Oh boy was I so wrong


The first payment just flat out never went through. So I canceled it. Fair enough. Paypal always lags so I expect the refund tomorrow at some point around noon.


Here's the fun part.


He tells me to use his phone number for paypal so I did. This guy is named Ben. It goes to someone named Abdul and says the payment has been completed. I ask him if he happens to be using Abdul's paypal and he says

"My names not Abdul"


Darwin Award right here...


So Abdul actually emails me and asks who the payment is for and who sent it and he seems a bit confused. I explain it to him and he says he will refund it shortly but isn't very good with paypal and it may take a while.


Be patient he says


Well he said tht he would refund at 2:05pm. At the time of writing it is 8:38 pm. Now my checking account isn't looking good.


I havet heard back from Abdul and I don't have any statement or email from paypal saying he's sent the refund.


It has been less than 24 hours, should I wait until tomorrow to file a dispute?

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Once you file a dispute Paypal freezes the account (maybe yours too) until it is resolved. This could suck for the seller if he has money in his account because then the seller can neither buy or sell. If I am not mistaken that is.


wage peace

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No need to file a dispute, I got everything sorted out as far as money. The seller gave me the wrong paypal information and that's where the problem arose. He raised the price to $220 and sold it to someone else anyways. Which I think is a little questionable but hey, whatever works I guess.

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